Monday, October 6, 2008


Last weekend, I created a 2009 Los Cabos Mexico Calendar using some of my best Cabos photos. I used lulu publishing to create the calendar. The purpose of the calendar is to use it for my portfolio and give it to my friends and family as present. In other words, yet another way to spend money on my hobbies.

If you are interested in creating a calendar, let me know and I'll be happy to help.

On Saturday, I got the first copy. I was so so excited! It looks awesome. It is amazing to see your photos on a calendar. Although I did not do this, lulu also allows you to enter personal dates such as birthdays etc. If you have the time to do this, I strongly encourage you to go for it.

My calendar is located here.


Jodi said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS. What a great idea to make a calendar. They are beautiful and would definitely make special gifts because the recipient would know the person behind the lens. Great idea!!!

Have a Happy Monday :)

Srcriber's Web said...

When you take 2000 photos, it is easy to come up with 13 decent ones. Thanks for the compliment though! It was a very fun project!

mythopolis said...

Your calendar is really nice. My daughter sends me a calendar every year with all the best photos of her four darling little girls. And it makes their grand daddy (me) very happy all year long!

Ballerina Girl said...

Great fotos, and I also make calendars for my family...
I make mine on shutterfly for Christmas each year, and I add everyone's birthday and anniversary.
Thanks for sharing