Friday, October 3, 2008

Mercury in Retrograde

So here is what happened.

My blackberry died.
I got another hand me down blackberry.
That died.
I started using an old personal cell phone.
That died.
My office phone is working occasionally.
My outlook is eating up my emails.
My internet connection at home isn't working.
My gmail is randomly moving important emails to the spam folder.
In short, my life, as I know it is falling apart.

So I did what any normal person would do. I asked a friend and she told me that mercury is in retrograde. I asked her what the heck it meant and she said that when mercury is in retrograde, supposedly there would be issues with communication including electronics. Mercury was a messenger and a God of Communication. A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac.

That explained everything.

Fortunately, this ends on October 15th.

Until then, expect your electronic communication devices to misbehave.

What's a few days without a cell phone or internet?


Jodi said...

A few days withour cell or internet use would make Jodi an unhappy individual. I could NEVER make it as an Amish person.

I am a victim of technology.
I admit it.
Guilty as charged.

LOL! I'm SORRY all your technology is either failing or being messed up around you. If the whole mercury idea is correct after another week you will be back to normal. The waiting is the hardest part (according to Tom Petty..LOL)

Have a wonderful day. Just think it is Friday!! :)

Carol said...

All of your devices are belong to us.

Craig | fusedreality said...

Seriously? That's some bad luck there.

What's a few days without cell phone or internet? In my book that's called Hell, but I'm sure you're more adaptable.

I recommend that you wear nylon tracksuits to counter-act the negative energy stored within you.. It won't help - but if you jog in spot long enough you should be able to create small sparks from your fingers. Who wouldn't want that?

keep safe.

mythopolis said...

I love the photo, it reminds me of Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago.

Coffee Slut said...

Ugh ...I would go insane!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Scriber's Web said...

Hey guys!

Mercury has been kind to me since then.

I have a brand new blackberry. I asked the IT guys to "show me the box it came it and don't give me crappy stuff because it makes me look like a failure and I can't do my job.". LOL. Poor guys have to deal crazy folks like me.

Internet is working! Yeah. My husband had to go and exchange a box. That seems to be a gimmick.

Craig: Lovely idea. I tried it last evening and could generate enough electricity to light up an entire city. So California, if you are reading this, call me if you have blackouts. Craig and I are willing to accept donations for doing this.

Mythopolis: It is the cloud gate sculptor. But I had no idea who designed it or what it was called until you mentioned it. I thought I was taking a picture of something at the M. park:)