Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is what happens when there is a little moisture on the camera lens.

So glad today is Thursday. The last few weeks have just been flying by. My friend from Australia Julie is in town. I haven't seen her yet. I am hoping to have dinner with her tonight.

Julie is crazy crazy crazy. She makes me laugh laugh laugh. Last time she was in town, she insisted on going to Galveston for the weekend. There are better beaches in Texas but she had to go there. Because of a song she heard when she was growing up.

In Galveston, she saw some signs on the road that said "Sea Wolves Museum". Expecting to see some cute cute animals, she went there. Anyone know what the museum is about?


She tells the stories so much better than I do.

So with Julie in town and my wine drinking project, it looks like a very promising weekend. I am sure she will help with the wine drinking. She cares about the economy too.


Midwest Mommy said...

LOL, I was sitting here before I started reading wondering how the heck you took that photo :-)

Jodi said...

That photo is really cool !

I hope that you have a great time with your friend Julie! Have fun also helping out the economy ;)

Have a great Thursday my friend!

mythopolis said...

I like this...sorta looks like all the boats are going full speed panic into the maybe there is a Tsunami coming...! Galveston is such a wreck right now...and I think FEMA should hand out bottles of wine as the evacuees are leaving their homes behind. I like Bolivar Island...there was a lot of deserted beach there...of course I was there off season.

mythopolis said...

The song was probably "Galveston" made popular by Glen Campbell, but many have done versions of it.

mythopolis said...

Hi...please let me know if you want to catch Ben Folds tomorrow (Sat) at Stubbs...Sam will get you in...d

Ballerina Girl said...

Even though we are not in the US, I think we will help the wine industry! hahaha
I hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy your friend's visit.

Scriber's Web said...

MM: I had a panic attack when the water got in. It was a new camera. But I had some lens paper and was able to clean it up.

Jodi: The economy help doesn't really start until Saturday morning. Yeah weekend!

Mythopolis: I just sent you an email. So sorry I can't go to the concert! Ben Folds is very famous here. And Stubbs is the best place in town! BTW, This is my very first free thing I can get by writing a blog. Thank you! My favorite song so far is "The bitch went nuts". Gotto buy it this weekend!

BG: Economy is hurting everywhere girl. And if it is not, do your duty and spend some extra money on wine. Good to see you back!

mythopolis said...

You are all right in my book, Scriber! d