Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Roof

In case you are wondering about my comment to Mythopolis about Pottsville, here is what I was talking about. It is hilarious.

Warning! Don't read it if you are a huge fan of a certain female Vice President Nominee.

M: No I wasn't in the jail. I was sitting under this lovely roof.


Jodi said...

Even though I'm a fan of SP, I still read it..LOL!

I think no matter who wins this election, our country is still up the creek without a paddle. Ugh!

I like the angle of that picture. Very good!

mythopolis said...

Ha ha ha!! What fun. Jodi, Jodi, Jodi! ( That is my best Cary Grant impersonation I can do on-line) Oh yes, things are a mess. Obama has the charisma we need. He would have to spend the first 4 years untangling what's already gone down. But I see no future in SP. Next door neighbor? Yes. I would probably flirt with her. White House? No. Scriber: we have no jail in Pottsville but if we did, it would be like on Andy of Mayberry, you could check yourself in for awhile if you just need to chill out. Food would be provided by the county...BYOB. ha ha...

Coffee Slut said...

awesome photo!

Laura said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Great picture!

It reminds me of being on an Island! *sigh*

mythopolis said...

As mayor of Pottsville, I endorse this message.