Monday, October 20, 2008

I got awards!

I got two awards last week. I am so excited! One from Moody Blue Jodi who has also become a friend. The other from Coffee Slut who cracks me up on daily basis. I feel so honored! Double the love! Thank you so much ladies.

I love love love getting awards but the also surprise the daylights out of me. I've said this before but that someone would take a few minutes out of their busy lives to read my ramblings never ceases to amaze me.

I love reading other blogs. But to be honest, I am a lurker at most places. I don't always post comments because I don't have anything to say. Or I am too shy. My blogger friends have posted comments on my blog and helped me open up a little. And realize that to most bloggers, comments are like candy.

So here goes my list. Just so you know, the bloggers may not even be aware that I visit their blogs daily and enjoy reading them. But I love the blogs.

Part of accepting the award is:

  • displaying the award

  • linking back to the person who gave it to you

  • *paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs

  • adding links to those seven blogs

  • leaving comments on their blog telling them you gave them an award

  • enjoying the award
7 blogs I am nominating in random order:

Carol's Little World: She is my mentor. She introduced me to the blogging world and always inspires me. She laughs at my silly jokes and critiques my work. She helps me become more than what I ever expected. Her blog is snarky and funny.

Where is Darren: Ever dreamed about quitting your job, traveling around the world, and settling down in another country? Well he did it. He is in Australia now and I love reading about his adventures. I live vicariously through his adventures.

Outnumberedtwotoone: She says things that get stuck in my head. Like "Comments are like candy. Everyone loves them." I enjoy reading her blogs everyday. You never know what she will blog about. And her posts are always great.

My life on the Net: He is funny and crazy. He got a haircut live and broadcast it on his blog. Did I mention he is crazy? Both of us want to shave off our hair like Brittany Spears. I know I'll never have the guts to do it but you never know with him.

Mommy from Midwest: She is funny and has the cutest pictures on her blog. She makes me remember what it was like when my boys were little. She always makes me smile.

ClickMom: She probably does not know I exist. But she is on my list of daily reads. She has a very very unique writing style. When I read her blog, I can almost hear "speak". Her pain, her adventures with messages from grandma and so on. Always thought and emotion provoking. Love her writing style.

Life's Bone: I am not exactly sure how I found his blog. His blog is full of interesting cultural information. Things that I never knew and things I would never know if I didn't read his blog. He also does some very interesting things with photography. And then on some rare occasions, he blogs about his thoughts and opinions. Those posts crack me up. He has had many experiences in life and has a very unique perspective on life. Love it.

So here you go. Congratulations on the award. You don't have to nominate other blogs if you don't want to. Just know that I love your blog.


mrsbear said...

I am truly flattered by your kind words, thanks so much for the award. Comments are like candy, and awards from fellow bloggers are like a nice rich chocolate truffle. ;-) Have a great week.

Midwest Mommy said...

Thank you! I love coming here to. Seriously I don't remember what life was like before blogging :-)

Jodi said...

I'm SO glad you like your award. You SO deserve it my friend.
Jodi :)

mythopolis said...

hahaha...thanks Scriber! First, I would like to thank all the little people...and my producer...well, actually I don't have a producer...and I would like to thank my computer...(thanks, Hal).....and I would like to thank Scriber, and the academy......and my mom.