Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feeling Happy

My friend Alex for photo friday.


Alida Thorpe said...

Good Photo Friday entry.
Yes, we do think alike!
Don't they say there are no coincidences?
**twilight zone** stuff!

Scriber's Web said...

Yes. Really really weird. I'll let you know when I post the photo I wanted to post this morning. It is different but very similar.

I guess great minds think alike:)

Jodi said...

Nice photo..Hi to Alex :)

Glad you have your internet!!!

Coffee Slut said...

Great photo!

mythopolis said...

Having been a flower child so long ago, I still have a fondness for the flower as an adornment. I think it is a nice statement. Nice photo, and thanks for wearing a flower Alex.

Srcriber's Web said...

Thanks guys! I took this photo a few months ago.

Happy Monday!