Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got an award!

Wow. My first one! This is so flattering. That anyone would take a few minutes of their busy lives to read my ramblings is simply humbling. Thank you for visiting and thank you for leaving comments.

Jodi, You rock. You not only bring happiness to my life daily but you have also introduced me to some great blogs. Thank you for giving this award to me! I'll try to do it justice.

The Kreative Blogger Award requires that you list 6 things that make you happy and pass it on to 6 other bloggers.

6 Things that make me happy

1. My husband, The little notes that my husband leaves for me sometimes. He never writes poetry for me but leaves notes like:

~Don't do the dishes! I will do it when I come back.
~There is a chilled glass of wine for you in the fridge. Enjoy!
~Dinner is in the oven. Make sure you finish all the meat.

It took me a while to realize that romance is not about writing poetry or serenading.

2. My sons. I was really flying by the seat of my pants. I have no idea how many mistakes I made. There was no internet back then. Who would have thought that I would end up having these absolutely gorgeous sons who love, love, love their Mom. Just being with them in the same room makes me happy.

3. My friends. The ones who are always there for me through thick and thin. And are not afraid to tell me when I am being totally outrageous. The ones who give me support when I need it and can always make me laugh in my darkest hours.

4. Shopping. New clothes, camera accessories, computer stuff, makeup, blackberry stuff. Shopping just rejuvenates me. I wish I was a professional shopper!

5. Traveling. If I had to live my life all over again, I would take a 2 year break and backpack around the world. Today, there is nothing in the world like traveling for me. I just have to do it. I would love to be a travel journalist.

6. Creativity. Whether it is writing, reading, or taking photos, I am happiest when I am around creative folks doing creative things.

I am working on my blogger awards right now. Will post this as soon as I compile a list. Just wanted to share this with you!

Thank you Jodi! I am honored!


Coffee Slut said...


Jodi said...

You SO deserve it my friend. You are very welcome.

I love what you came up with for things that make you happy!!!

Thank you for always stopping by my blog and leaving me comments. Thank you also for everything you do 'behind the scenes' too. You are a blessing!

mrsbear said...

Congrats to you.

I loved "Romance is not about writing poetry or serenading." Well put. It's the little things. Great list.

Scriber's Web said...

Thank you guys for all your support. I'm recovering from hitting a rough spot and am so glad to have your support!

Scriber's Web said...

Mrs. Bear: If only somebody had told me this sooner rather than later. Life would have been so much easier!