Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crazy Lunch

So the other day, my friend Carol and I had to pick up our artwork from a gallery during lunch. On our way back, we decided to grab a quick lunch. We wanted something fast.

We went to this Chinese restaurant that shall remain nameless. We've been there before and the food and service was good and fast. Plus they also display local artwork in the restaurant and anyone who supports the local artists gets my support.

It took us a while to get a table and a little longer to get our food ordered.

Carol ordered General Tao's Chicken. I ordered Pan fried noodles.

Simple. Right?

When our order came, nary a noodle was found on my plate. It was just a heap of veggies and meat. And something that looked like Tofu.

Well I hate tofu and sent it back. I told them that this is not what I had ordered. They came back and told me that this is exactly what I ordered.

I asked them, "where are the pan fried noodles?"

The guy told me that the tofu looking thing was actually fried noodles.

I believe they take leftover cooked noodles, put them in the pile, cut it out into rectangles and pan fry them. Then they toss stuff over it.

It was really gross. Why can't you leave a perfect dish like pan fried noodles alone? And why would you make it look like tofu?

So I am sure that out of 5 of my readers at least 3 like tofu. Well good for you. I just don't like it. OK? Bite me!

I tried to complain to Carol but she had her own woes. Instead of General Tsao's chicken, she got orange chicken. I have to admit that she was nicer about the whole thing.

She said that she was pointing at the dish so he must have got it wrong.

I told her that he was looking dreamily into my eyes so he must have been smitten with me and got all confused.

Carol said nothing.

And I decided to forgive the waiter.

After all, if he was smitten with me, he must have excellent taste. Right?


Metalchick said...

oh no! I am sure the waiter was smitten but no one deserves such poor noodles. Beats my Thursday lunch at Bamboo... it was nothing but work people. The entire place was all work people. But it was fun. HOpe you got your money's worth!

mythopolis said...

I wouldn't doubt he might have been smitten, but on the other hand, the dreamy look he was giving you might have been a hope that you still would tip him!

Scriber's Web said...

Never ever go to the Bamboo unless you want to eavesdrop on the big wig conversations!

As far as the smitten part goes, it is just something I chose to believe. Why the heck not?

Try it next time. When you get poor service and bad food, just think, it happened because the poor waiter was just so enamored with me. He got so flustered! Don't really blame him for that. LiqourSam was smitten with you. And why the heck not?

Good for your ego:)

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Of course he was smitten. How else could you explain this? (That would be a question I do not want you to answer:) And I always leave the regular tip. More for dreamy eyes:)

Jodi said...

Yes, I think you should forgive him. Being smitten excuses his mistake with the orders. He truly must have been smitten to mess up twice!

I agree...tofu sucks! Blech!

Sumit said...

I think you ought to have yelled at him. No doubt he was showing good taste by being smitten with you, but a good waiter ought to be able to multi-task - be smitten with a customer as well as take down the right order!

I wish there were more cute waitresses who could multi-task back here. *sigh*

mythopolis said...

My lips are sealed.

Carol said...

Maybe he was smitten with pan fried noodles and that's why you did not get any? He did not want to be a noodle killer so he served you tofu instead (nobody minds if you kill tofu.)

As far as General Tso, well, he went marching on somebody else's battlefield. I'm 100% certain that somebody across the restaurant was sitting there saying, "but, this is not what I ordered. This doesn't taste like orange chicken at all!"

Our fortune cookies should have read, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

Mrsupole said...

Yes, the waiter had to be totally smitten. But last time I had checked the pan fried noodles were made with noodles not tofu. But I would have loved to have eaten the orange fried chicken over the pan fried noodles.

Whenever a restaurant totally screws up my order it takes me a long, long time before I am ever willing to go back there. I think that restaurants lose a lot of business this way. I wonder if you got to talk to one of the managers there. They should have either comped your meals or at least given you a free desert and drink. I like to eat my steaks well done and this one steak house kept bringing me a bloody steak, I sent it back 4 times and they never got it right. They finally ended up comping the whole dinner party. It was almost $200 for all of us. I just could not figure out how they could not cook a steak well done. Even medium well would of been okay, but to keep having a bloody steak was one I could not handle. So you have all my sympathy and prayers that your next meal is great.

God bless.

Nan Patience said...

happy friend poo poo platter!!

NicoleB said...

Smitten for sure :)

And hey, at least the tea seems to have been alright :)