Monday, October 19, 2009

Encaustics Supplies

So I finally got around buying all the supplies for encaustics.

Let me tell you something. That it is not an inexpensive hobby. You need lots and lots of supplies. Most people have stuff like that sitting around in the house. But not me. I am not a tools kinda gal. I mean who has a heating gun sitting around in their house?

Not me.

You'll see the supply list at the end of this post and then you will understand.

I am kinda broke right now and so I dragged and dragged my feet about it. But I got a paycheck recently so I decided to buy all the supplies for encaustics. Heck with it. Life is short.

And although I was struggling with a stomach virus this weekend, I managed to get the supplies and create some pieces. They are still drying so I'll take photos and post as soon as they are done.

So here are the supplies you will need. The prices of courses will vary depending on where you live.

One time purchase..

Electric Griddle: 10-25 dollars @ Target
Heating Gun: 23 dollars @ Home Depot
One omelete pans: 6 dollars each at HEB

More supplies...

Encaustics medium: A kit at an art supply store cost me approximately 50 dollars.
Soy Wax to clean brushes: 10 dollars at an art store
Natural Brushes: 1 dollar each at an art store
Panels: Home depot. That is another post coming up soon.

So there you have it. Encaustics is expensive. But it is so much fun and rewarding.

If you try it, do tell.


Sumit said...

Does sound interesting, Scriber! You have a knack for discovering the bestest of things. Looks awesome! :)

mythopolis said...

The colors melting was fun to look at. I think I would like this...may have to try it one day.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I have no intention at all of trying it but I love your bright colours. And as a craft hoarder (My name is Janice and I am a craft supplies addict...) I have found that no craft supplies are ever wasted. As long as you pack them away and label the box correctly they will always be there when you come back to it all several years down the line... (This is what I tell Mr L-S.)

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok, what's an encaustic?

Nicole said...

I just love reading about it via you and "watch you" do it :D
Sounds like a bunch of fun :)

BLOGitse said...

that looks interesting!
when can we see the results?
colours...I love colours!