Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all!

I realize that Halloween is traditionally an American celebration but what the hay? Join in on the fun!

The aliens have landed! The zombies are here!

It is so much fun to have Halloween on a Saturday night. I am the designated candy giver tonight since there is a very important football game tonight. I am forbidden to leave the house.

I am still waiting for my hubby to tell me one day, "this game is not important and I can miss it."

Mind you my readers, the earth will stop spinning and the sun will not rise.

You heard it first here! On my blog!

So anyways.

I think I am going to dress up tonight. I wasn't really planning to but then I thought... why not? I have a couple of bad wigs. I could use those.

What about you? Are you dressing up?


mythopolis said...

I can't believe your hubby would trust YOU with a bowl full of candy!! I am going to wrap myself in a big sheet of foam rubber and go as a pig in a blanket.

Scriber's Web said...

Ha ha. I can resist candy! Whatever you dress up as, I want proof:) Photos!

mythopolis said...

I assure you, you do not want to see me performing a lobotomy. Truth is, I have decided at the last moment, to go as The Invisible Man. You will not see me when I come to your house...just candy disappearing from the bowl.

croneandbearit said...

I was going to go as Cher but just the thought of it had me on the floor in hysterics peeing myself. Happy Halloween!

Ballerina Girl said...

I put on my witches hat and black clothes for the party at my kids school. It was fun!

I am similar with my Steeler games...the world almost stops for them ;)

No, no nablopomo for me...I just can't commit to every day unfortunately.

BLOGitse said...

No Halloween here...
but hey,
here's one zombie - it's me!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: That explains where all the candy went:)

Croneandbearit: I bet you'd make a fabulous Cher. Even better than Cher:)

BG: We need to see photos of you as a witch! How fun! I miss having kids around:)

Blogitse: Take care of yourself! I am so looking forward to Nablopomo!

Sinda said...

Thanks for the welcome over at my place!

We went to our neighborhood party, but the men all left around the same time, "to go get the candy ready."

Nicole said...

No Halloween for us, even though there were a lot of Parties, but we went out and had fun at a friend's place :)