Friday, October 9, 2009

Reasonably Priced Lawyer

Yesterday, I got an interesting email from someone I know.

He asked, "Do you know a reasonably priced lawyer?"

I almost died from laughing.

What an oxymoron. Is there even such a thing?

Don't get me wrong. I like lawyers. At least some of them. I have a friend who is a lawyer. My kidos want to grow up and become lawyers.

I have a fierce Divorce Lawyer. Granted, I am not planning on getting a divorce but it is always nice to keep one handy. It keeps the hubby on his toes.

See how fierce he is?

Who would mess with him?

So if my hubby ever pulls the David Letterman stunt on me, this is the guy he will have to face. And it won't be a pleasant experience for the hubby.

But I digress...

So lawyers. Why is it one the most hated professions? We all need them in worst of times. They protect you, defend you and fiercely protect  your interests. For a price. Of course. But so what? They have to pay their college loans too. They have families to support too.

Oh well.

It is Friday.Yeah!

And I know what you are thinking. Scriber has finally lost what remains of her mind. What the heck does that table top photo have to do with lawyers?

Fear not my faithful readers. As a writer, I can tie this up together. Or at least try to.

Question: If you have a huge deal on the table, would you ever go without a lawyer?

See how clever I am?


Sumit said...

I guess one reason why lawyers are perceived so negatively because they are seen as modern day Shylocks, trying to extract their pound of flesh in other people's misteries.

Nan Patience said...

you are clev-er!

mythopolis said...

My attitude about lawyers is, try not to need one.

Mrsupole said...

I will only say ACLU and then go from there. And yes they do a little good, but mostly they are just crazy in their cases and end up costing us all lots of money. So that is my answer about why some people dislike lawyers.

I do like to think that most are pretty good and necessary. But then they don't get all those nicknames because they are "all" good.

God bless.

Midwest Mommy said...

I always, always wanted to be a lawyer growing up. My plan was to go to school for education and then law school in the summers, lol. Well, I think we can all see those plans changed.

BLOGitse said...

hahah, you are clever! :)

croneandbearit said...

I feel sorry for the poor common lowly public defender who has to defend the slob who murdered his girlfriend's husband regardless if knowing he's guilty. Some times being a lawyer can be a thankless job - they're not all shysters. Some actually do good. Oh wait then there are the epitome of ickiness - the ones who defended O.J. I rest my case - wait I didn't make one. Ooooh too much meds today. LOL

NicoleB said...

Very clever indeed :)
I just needed a lawyer to get my Visa done (yes, that's a blog story too, I'm just too lazy ;) )
Buying property without a lawyer? Nay.
So, I guess we do need them :)