Thursday, October 29, 2009

Metro Dreams

So yesterday evening, I went out for a happy hour and a dinner for a very close girl friend of mine. It was her birthday. I We wanted to P.A.R.T.Y.

I know what you are thinking. You think that we got drunk and flirted with every single guy at the bar.

Not true.

You also think that I the mighty Scriber got on the table and sang happy birthday for her.

So untrue.

I mean I offered numerous times but the offer was politely declined. Numerous times.

Le Sigh!

I'd do anything for you my dear readers. But my friends simply don't get it. The fact that I am a world famous blogger with an international following. So what if I have only 5 readers? That is just a minor technicality. My blog is uber important to me. I love my readers! Wouldn't you like to read a story about me standing up on a table and dancing?

Le Sigh!


My girlfriend and I knew that it was going to be a fun evening. So we both dragged our hubbies to it. I think they were a little reluctant and resistant at first. But... in the end I can honestly say that they both had a great time. And were glad to be there. And to be honest, we never even told each other that we were going to bring our spouses. We did not plan it. It just happened.

Since my singing/dancing skills were neither required nor permitted at the party, I spent a lot of time with my engineer single guy friend D, trying to convince him to flirt with the cute waitresses and describing to him in detail my paintings and encaustics. I also spent a lot of time trying to convince him that he needs to make encaustic panels for me."I don't want to learn it! You make it for me!!!"

Le sigh. Sometimes I hate myself.

My hubby found someone who loves motorcycles and bourban. A very hard combination to beat. I can tell you that he had a great time.

In the end, the hubbies had a great time. I was able to resist my urge to dance on the table and my girl friend had a great time.

So that's what I did last night. What did you do?


BLOGitse said...

GREAT colours!!!
Last night?
My hubby worked after dinner,
I went to bed and fell in sleep in 5 mins...
Tonight is our Friday - steaks & red...nami nami!

mythopolis said...

I love the painting. I was also at that same place, and saw you girls partying. So, I have to set your reader's straight here. Scriber was definitely tipsy and almost fell off the table while dancing to "Stayin' Alive". She is a real disco chick!

croneandbearit said...

What did I do last night? I worked on stories for my newest blog
(shameless plug sorry). I loved your painting - the colors are superb. I would like to read about you dancing on the table - I'd settle for being able to get UP ON a table at this point. LOL - hugs and blessings, Linda

Nan Patience said...

weren't drunk did you say? weren't flirting? but you tried to convince a friend to make your encaustics panels for you? I think you probably did get up on that table and sing your little heart out, no lie.

is that your own encaustics creation or your friend's then? It's great!

Scriber's Web said...

Blogitse: Sleep is always good! Steak and red sound wonderful! Maybe I can come over for dinner:)

Mythos:Thanks about the painting! Glad you like it. And you lie, I would never tip over while dancing to Staying Alive:)

Croneandbearit: I love the new blog. Very poignant posts! Keep it up!

Nan: This is a painting I did. Not really encaustics. And my friends know me better. They know once I am on the table dancing, no one can bring me down. And seriously, I don't need to be drunk to do that:) I am just silly!

Nicole said...

Snicker, guys are just too funny :)
No table or Lap dances here either, but lots of fun out ;)

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: So you do some dancing. Belly dancing would be awesome! Specially if you post photos:)

Nicole said...

Me dancing?
Nope,and NO belly dance, that's for sure ;)