Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Da Flat - II

So yesterday during lunch, I went out to do some errands. I had very little time and a long list of things to do. But I knew these stores inside out and I was confident that I could easily drive, hit 3 stores, shop and get back to work within an hour. Been there done that.

But when I reached my first destination - Walgreens, I noticed that my car had a flat tire. Yuck. And my hubby is out of town. Double yuck!

 Why do these things happen when he is out of town? Le Sigh!

So I went into the store, called AAA for help, shopped and sat in my car. I wanted to cry but considering how things are going on in the world, I could have been in a worse situation. I replied to a text message from my girlfriend  Alex and told her what was going on. Then I fantasized that Brad Pitt was going to come in a big red truck and rescue me from all this.

The AAA guy finally came. It wasn't Brad Pitt. 

But guess what his name was? Romeo. Yep. Romeo. He was handsome and charming. He changed the tire and commanded that I go and get the tire fixed right away. He must have thought I was a bimbo because at that point, I could barely speak a coherent sentence. I kept telling him, "I am driving my hubby's car and he is going to kill me!!!! This is the second time I have done this to his car!"

He assured me that my hubby would not kill me. Flat tires is not the end of the world and it could happen to anyone. Before leaving, he gave me a survey card and said that if I gave him a good rating, he would get free movie tickets and he would love to take his grand kids to the movies. Boy that guy was a charmer!

But wait! The story gets even better. 

Did I do as Romeo suggested and drive straight to get the tire fixed? Of course not! I went to work since it was on way anyways.

My girlfriend Alex called me up and asked me to get an appointment with Discount Tires. They fix flat tires. For free. Yep. I got an appointment and numerous people told me that they would only fix a tire if it was purchased from them. So I kept my credit card handy and showed up. 

Alex was waiting for me there. With a gift for me. It took all my control to not burst into tears.

Everything went great after that. Discount Tires fixed and changed my tire for free. Yep.

What I realized by the end of the day was that the most important thing is life is kindness. Being there for someone when they are overwhelmed. And helping others when they are down.

Romeo and Alex, when I was completely deflated, the two of you, in your own way made my day.

Thank you!


Midwest Mommy said...

I paid $25 to get my tire fix! Really they do it for free?

Scriber's Web said...

Yep. Totally free. And no tips accepted.

mythopolis said...

Juliet: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?

Romeo: Cut me some slack, Juliet. I am changing Scriber's tire!

Juliet: Is that what they call it now?

Betty C. said...

Great story. Flat tires are such a sinking feeling --- you're right to keep it in perspective, though.

Who would name their kid Romeo, I wonder?

Kala said...

Romeo saved the day. How poetic!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

That's sweet and awesome!
Great that these things still happen in our world today :)