Friday, May 14, 2010

Random Stuff

This month is a crazy month for our family. First the Kentucky trip and the graduation. Next up, one of my nephew graduates in Austin. Family galore is coming into town. The in-law kinds. Yep. Yep. But I am looking forward to that. 

I know that there is at least one cherub coming who will steal my heart. And I am hoping to create a little place in his heart for me. There will be a lot of competition for his attention but I am confidant that I will be a winner. Because I have a plan! A devious one. It includes tons of bribes. Nothing expensive. But a steady stream of wrapped presents. I know his favorite song too. And no one can do the Itsy Bitsy Spider better than me.

Unfortunately I have a big mouth and I told my hubby this. He was like, Why are you giving him these 1-2 dollar gifts? I was like, you would not understand. You go buy him an expensive gift. I am going to give him happiness and fun. A constant stream of fun. We are going to go looking for bugs, ducks and draw on the sidewalk. He was like... ok. I will get him some stuff too.

Lesson learned: When you have an agenda and have competitors vying for it, never ever reveal your secrets.

Le Sigh.
So tell me about you. Have you ever tried to buy someone's love? What did you do? Please tell!

PS: In my defense, I only have 2 days with him. And at a given moment, there will be 20-50 people wanting his love. So I have to come up with a strategy. Right? Is that a bad thing to do?


mythopolis said...

I appreciate all the toys, but actually I am not sure I will be coming. And please stop calling me a 'cherub'!

BLOGitse said...

You're not serious? No. Because you're a smart woman and you know that you can not buy love.
Kids do not demand presents - adults are silly and start to spoil their little ones...and once started it's an endless battle and adults should look at the mirror...

Best we can give to our loved ones is our time, just to be together.


NicoleB, Egypt said...

I think you will win his heart with fun and bugs ;)

And never reveal your strategies, tsts....!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Ha ha.

Blogitse: My posts should not be taken too literally. I am not a serious blogger. I am the one who wrote an opera about Wines. Remember?

Nicole: Thanks for getting the point and not lecturing me:)

NicoleB said...

You're welcome :P

BLOGitse said...

Oh, am I silly or too serious...both I guess...
I never, ever take your posts seriously anymore! Never! You're having fun - that's great! :)


Postcards from Wildwood said...

I hope it all goes well! Must say, your graduation events seem much grander than ours. I'm pretty sure only two tickets per student were available for the presentation ceremonies for my degrees.
And now to your little cherub ... just a cautionary note - is there a possibility he will be so hyper with up to 50 people vying for his love and attention and showering him constantly with gifts and outings that he will just collapse in an exhausted and emotional heap?!!
On the other hand, if I were ever to come to Austin, please do feel free to make every effort to buy my love!
Janice. x

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: Thank you! Graduations here are quiet grand. I think you can invite up to 12 people to attend the ceremony. My nephew is graduating in Austin. Thus the get together. But most people don't go to the actual ceremony. They hang out somewhere and everyone gets together later on to have dinner and celebrate. For my son's graduation, there were 6 people at the ceremony and about 30 people at the lunch. At the nephew's ceremony, about 5 people are attending and about 50 at the party. It will be fun!

About the Cherub, he wakes up really early as do I. I will volunteer to take care of him in the morning so we have some alone time. We'll draw on the side walk, go look out for bugs, play ball in the house etc. We will have fun!

I will be happy to buy your love anytime you are in Austin! I make the best chicken curry in the world! Also, someday, I will be coming to England. And we will go out and have lunch. I am buying:)