Tuesday, May 18, 2010

La Family

So we have a family reunion of sorts and the family starts trickling in today from all over the world. And I am hosting this event. For most parts at least.

By the time this gets over, I will feed anywhere from 25 to over 100 people meals. Maybe more. It is a daunting task. But somehow it will happen.

Organizing something like this requires a lot of planning, help and hard work. I've been sleeping for about 4-5 hours a day and I am still behind. Oh well.

I have a fairly small house and most of them are staying with me. We have family member who lives in Austin and has a mansion but no one wants to stay there. They all want to stay at my place. That speaks volumes. Doesn't it? But it makes me happy.

The bad news is that I am not cooking any meals. The good news is that I am not cooking any meals. It is virtually impossible to cook meals and keep up with the schedule of events.

I'll keep you guys posted. You guys keep me in your prayers or send me postive thoughts.

The in laws are coming!


mythopolis said...

Please send me the meal times. Is 'casual' ok? Thanks!

Ballerina Girl said...

wow, sounds like you are going to be busier than ever!
enjoy it, I am sure it will all go well...


Kala said...

Being that I'm an extreme introvert, I could never undertake 1/10th of what you are doing. Go you!

Betty C. said...

This sounds major, like the type of event that takes place in France a lot. Maybe it's kind of a Southern thing? I found that family reunions in the Pacific Northwest were very lowkey.

Good luck!

Tea Knee said...

Cannot wait!!! Why stay in a mansion when you can stock pile with your brothers :-)

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Casual is just fine. Bring some corn bread!

BG: It is crazy busy right now. But in a nice way. I bet you are having some fun too!

Kala: I am an introvert too. But over the years I've learned how to find some alone time:) One odd thing I do is when I feel overwhelmed, I go upstairs to my room and sit in my walk in closet. The I do a few minutes of deep breathing. Somehow, that re-energizes me. I know it sounds silly:)

Betty: I guess it is unique to the family more than anything. Plus being able to afford the travel etc. Thanks for wishing me luck! I need it!

Tee Knee: Ha ha. I forgot that you know about my blog:) Looking forward to seeing you!

NicoleB said...

Hope all went well so far :)