Monday, May 3, 2010

Exciting May!

This month is exciting for me for all sorts of reasons! My older son graduates from college next weekend. Yeah! What a huge accomplishment! I will be flying down to Lexington on Thursday and returning to Austin on Tuesday. I get to spend time with my boys on Mother's day.

Double yeah!

Although the major Kentucky derby happened last week, I still plan on drinking a mint julep or two. You may not know that Kentucky is the producer of 80% of the world's bourbon. I am hoping to visit one of the distilleries at the very least.

Of course I will take tons of photos and continue to post them.

So that's my exciting plan. What are your plans for this month?


Ballerina Girl said...

I have an equally exciting month! What a coincidence...May must be the time for fun :)
We are going to our house for the first time with the whole family together, then off to my niece's wedding!


mythopolis said...

In that Kentucky is (hic) jus nex dor (hic) I dew unnerstan (hic) abot the qualidy (hic) ov ther borebum (hic)...I mint boobun..(hic)...umm, whut wuz I saying? (hic)

Congrats to your son and all other young grads in this year's class!

BLOGitse said...

Lucky you!
I want to get out of here! This house!
I hate it here!

I'm going to Finland at the end of May (if not earlier) for one year check up on 1.6.
Let's see if I come back at all...


Betty C. said...

Well, husband's 25th engineering school reunion in a few weeks; would love to get down to see my good friend Loulou in the Minervois but that may or may not happen (no pun intended...); also work, work, work...

Midwest Mommy said...

Very exciting! Congrats!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Have fun, girl!
My plans? Not much really.
Maybe finally do my trip either to Luxor or Petra :)