Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple Things

It is the simple things in life that matter.

Having a box of tissues handy when you are about to sneeze. 

A friend you can call late at night to just chat because you are lonely. Or asking them to change a light bulb for you because they are tall and you would need a ladder. Or think you have an intruder/animal in your house and need them to come and take a look in the middle of the night. And know that they won't take this as an invitation for something else.

A friendly bone-crushing hug when your world is crashing. Or at least you think so.

Someone who will go to Luby's with you even though they hate it but you love it.

Asking your boys to please shave because you need to give them kisses. And them complying.

Or calling your Mom everyday to see what she ate that day. And sharing recipes that neither one of us will ever cook.

I remember many years ago, I would save pennies, clip coupons (God I miss those triple coupon days!)... and buy a lipstick for 1.09 cents. Or an exciting shade of nail polish. I would plan it for months, drool over them and pontificate whether red or pink was the way to go. Change my mind over and over again. And then finally, when I had enough money to buy it, go to the store like an excited little kid who has the first snow cone of the summer. For the record, I went for a blue polish. But I digress...

Today, I can easily drop 20-30 dollars for a nail polish or a lipstick. If I want to. But the thrill is totally gone. It doesn't matter now.

What matters is not being able to hug your son when his 26 year old friend dies. Or be able to hold his hand and wipe his tears.

What matters is love and friendship. A smile, a hug, someone who will hold your hand and someone who will smack your butt during exercising and say, "get your butt moving girl!"

Only simple things matter. The rest? Eh...

What things matter to you?


mythopolis said...

Oooh...I miss going to Luby's in San Antonio! The nice thing about appreciating the simple things is that they are right there in front of you. I am warm and dry right now in the midst of heavy rain! How simple this pleasure is! I am looking out the window and thinking how lucky I am! Knowing that family and friends are safe and sound and doing their thing makes me happy.

Betty C. said...

Thought-provoking. I too remember saving up for things, carefully deciding how to spend my allowance. It seems like my girls' allowance is always flexible somehow...sigh...

Santiago Guttierez said...


Kala said...

My family, my man and my photography.

Me said...

what matters..humankind and its humanness..each time i see good deeds around me or see the chances i have to do so..i breath a pint of life again..
what matters..that people still care for others around them ^~^

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I love Luby's! No one understands why I love it so much. In fact after writing this post, I went directly to Luby's to eat. Yummy! The rain situation sounds terrible! Stay dry and keep us posted!

Betty C: Thanks! Funny about the flexible allowance:) Some days my boys think that there is an endless supply of money. Can't wait for them to get a job:)

Santaigo: Love!

Kala: I LOVE your photography! You are so gifted!

Me: Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! I have to say it is interesting calling someone else "me". :) Well said!

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Yeah, not being able to be there is one part I hate of being away.
I still love to buy cheap Lipstick ;)