Friday, May 7, 2010

Red Mile

I am in Lexington Kentucky. Yeah! So good to be around family. I am going to keep today's post short. I am using my husband's laptop to upload some photos. And it does not have half of the software I use.

So this morning after breakfast, I went to a horse race couse called The Red Mile. It is the oldest race ourse in Lexington. It is gorgeous!

I took tons of photos but it takes forever to upload photos from my hotel room.

This afternoon, I pick up my brother from the airport and we go to a bourbon distillery for a tour. Tomorrow is the graduation ceremony.


Off I go. Will catch up with my blog reading as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I wanted to share these photos with you.


mythopolis said...

Kentucky is pretty, isn't it? You can see why the track is called the Red Mile.....all that red clay soil! Have fun!

Betty C. said...

I'm prety sure one of my all-time, biggest, blogging buddies lives in Lexington. AliThinks.

mythopolis said...

Major milestone for your son! And for you, as mommy-of-son. Cool!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Bonjour, La Scriber, I am back, and with a new computer.

Congratulations to your son. What's next? Post-grad study or the world of work? Or has he not decided yet?

Hope you all have a great time in Lexington.

NicoleB, Egypt said...

Would love to see a horse race one day (or camel race :) )