Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And so they are off! Into different worlds and surprisingly different directions. One will go to Malaysia and the other to perhaps India. For work.

Congrats boys! Adventures await you. Make sure you have an extra bedroom for me wherever you go. And send me flowers occasionally. I am high maintanence and needy.

As for me, I am exhausted. I could sleep forever. Major accomplishment in life=done! Yeah. Now what?

Perhaps a trip to Hawaii?


mythopolis said...

Great shot!! Congrats to everybody!!

BLOGitse said...

Congratulations to all and good luck to boys!


Betty C. said...

I'm intrigued by this post. Are they your sons? Twins? Great photo at any rate.

Carol said...


Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I was waiting for you. Where were you?

Blogitse: Thank you!

Betty: I left a comment on your blog. Here is is part of it:

About the comment you posted on my blog, the guy in the T-shirt is my son. He completed his undergraduate degree. The other guy is my nephew. He just completed his MBA. We rented a boat to celebrate the graduation. Here they are trying synchronized diving! Kinda makes me wonder why we spent all the money on education:) Just kidding!

Carol: Thanks! Where were you today?

Kala said...

Congratulations! What exotic destinations they are bound for!

NicoleB said...

Congrats to both of them AND to you for raising them so well :)!