Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot Summer Nights

On hot summer nights, I like to grab a cool drink and sit on my patio. I like to turn the little lights on and of course some citronella candles. Sometimes my husband joins me, and sometimes he doesn't.

  • I like to look at the stars and imagine the aliens watching the earth people.
  • I reflect on my life and smile.
  • I think of stories I could write.
  • I make plans for the next day.
  • I make strategic decisions about my life.
  • I day dream about Brad.
This lasts for about 30 seconds and I dash indoors. As I frantically scratch at the mosquito bites, I ask my husband:

"Can you please pass the benadryl and crank up the AC?"

Surviving Texas Summer is not easy.


mrsbear0309 said...

I feel you. I'm in south FL and the humidity is killing me. I know saying it's like a sauna is a cliche, but well...I got nothing better to compare it too. It's friggin hot.

Midwest Mommy said...

LOL, I was so not expecting that ending :-)

s said...

Thanks for your comments. I really enjoy reading them.