Monday, August 18, 2008

Icy Rain

Honing of senses
and the sheer joy
of nature's marveling beauty.

All captured in a sheer moment
by a few drops
of icy rain
in the middle of a hot summer.


mrsbear0309 said...

Looks alot like our day, except there's noting "icy" about a tropical storm. ;-)

mrsbear0309 said...

I meant "nothing" instead of "noting". Kind of loses its punch when you make a typo.

"MoodyBlue" Jodi said...

WOW! That is bizarre...but you know what, we had hail last week so nothing surprises me these days. The weather is so weird.

mrsbear0309..funny thing is my eyes read nothing in the first one...I must be seeing thing cause when I re-read it, it was noting. LOL!

I got to remember it is 12:30am and I am getting up in 4hrs..Maybe it is time for bed. LOL!

Scriber's Web said...

Mrs. Bear,

I completely skipped over the typo too. But then, I am the typo queen. Hope Fay leaves you alone today. Be safe.


The weather is just weird this year. I am worried about my friends in Florida. Hope that Fay is not too disruptive. What a pain!

Have a fabulous day!