Saturday, August 9, 2008


Murkiness and Hot Topic

I don't understand why politicians self-destruct themselves. In some countries (France) infidelity can be overlooked in a politician. Not here in US. So then why do it? A single act can destroy a lifelong career. How hard is it to restrain? Can't you just keep it in your pants?

Surely you must know that you will lose everything you have worked for your entire life. The love and respect of your wife and your family. Granted that a politician's wife is supposed to stand by her man during the press conference. But why? What about your political career? And your credibility with the people?

All gone in a nanosecond.

Do they think that the truth will never come out? They'll never be caught? Well hello... the entire world is watching your every move.

Behave! And follow simple rules if you want to lead the people.



Jesse P Luna said...

I wonder how many people, as I did, blogged about this topic last evening...instead of the Olympics or what's going on in Russia?

stephanie said...

Is it a small town mentality - or perhaps they go in to politics for the sheer enjoyment of such activities & don't care if they get caught? maybe it's both.