Friday, February 13, 2009

Candy Lipstick Review

I am sorry but this is going to be a very short post.

So recently I won a contest and yesterday I finally received my prize. I was so excited!

It was candy lipstick! Yeah!

I ripped open the package. Inside the envelope was a card and in it the candy lipstick. Having never seen or heard of the candy, I immediately did what any normal person would do. I took out my camera and took photos.

Once I was done, I decided to try it out. First I applied it as a lipstick. The first thought that came to my mind was pumice stone. I would no longer have to buy that 20 dollar, expensive, lips exfoliating scrub. Yeah! Thank you Mythos!

Then I decided to taste it. Umm.... how should I say this.... it tasted like a mix of chalk, baby powder and sugar. Now here is where I did what normal person does not do. I ate them all. They were strangely addicting. I ate them all and wanted more. I craved more.

This morning I woke up with a stomach ache. Not good at all.

That's all I have to say about that.

I know you feel very sorry for me and want to sympathize for me, send me cards, send me flowers and send me money. But in lieu of all that, I request that all donations go to the Scriber's Web Plastic Surgery account.

Happy Valentine's day!


Nicole said...

Can't believe you didn't know candy Lipstick :)
I loved them as a little girl.
But you are supposed to lick them, not eat them all at once ;)
Hope you feel better by now!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: I was born and raised in India. We had candy cigarettes:)Ha ha!

mythopolis said...

I knew I should have sent a bottle of Pepto Bismol along. Candy lipstick addiction is not a pretty picture! I myself, was hooked on candy cigarettes for awhile, but then my pediatrician showed me pictures of my candy-coated I gave them up.

Nicole said...

We had those cigarettes too.
Did you have the paper that you can eat?
I loved that :D

mythopolis said...

Candy cigs are still around...I will have to buy some so as to post a photo! The word verification now is looks like "srqiniati" !!! I know I am going to get this wrong and have to take a re-test! Oops, just I get an easy one... "flito" !

Jodi said...

Awww my poor friend! You got a belly ache from eating the candy lipstick.

I just wanted you to know..I never knew they made candy lipstick. I remember candy cigarettes though.

Happy Valentines Day!! I hope your belly feels better soon! You need to make room for the champagne. LOL!

Joe said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and your family! Hope you get lot's of chocolate! 8-)

BLOGitse said...

Mythos is very kind - he kept his promise!
Why I can't remember this kind of candy...
Cigarettes yes...and we had pipes made from liquorice/licorice...I'm addicted to licorice btw...I just love it...In New Zealand & Australia they had SUPERGOOD natural licorice!!! nam! :-)

Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: Ha ha. I can't believe you actually sent it:)

Nicole: Yes we did have edible paper. But the cigarettes were the best!

Mytho: Great idea! I can't believe they are still around. So politically incorrect! I got hypest:)

Jodi: Happy Valentine's day to you too! Champagne cured my non-existent stomach ache:)

Joe: Happy Valentine's day to you and Betty. Hope you had a fabulous day:)

Blogitse: Yes it was very sweet of Mytho to send the candy. He paid more money on the postage. I had to give him a hard time:)

{i}Post said...

That is really strange how that stuff is addicting! The same with those dang candy hearts. Maybe they hide some MSG or drugs in there to keep us coming back for more! ;0)

Scriber's Web said...

ipost: Thanks for visiting and commenting! Yeah some of this stuff can be very very addicting:)