Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plastic Surgery

So I've decided to get some plastic surgery done.

I know I've told you that I look exactly like Demi Moore but the reality is that I look more like Meg Ryan. Without the blond hair, blue eyes, and the duck lips. Or the cheek bones. Or the freckles and skin tone. Other than that, we are this close!

I want ducky lips. And cheek implants and a face lift. And who could not use a nice little tummy tuck?

Unlike User's wife who went to South America for this, I will be going to India to get this done. An old friend of mine is a doctor there and has promised to get me hooked up with the right peeps. He also promised to be in the operating room during the whole procedure. So I will be in good hands.

When I told my Aunt, who is a doctor, about it, here is how the conversation went:

Me: So I am going to India sometime to get some work done.
Aunt: What work?
Me: You know... face lift... this and that...
Aunt: Are you crazy? (lecture... lecture.... lecture... One would think that since she lives in LA, she would be more open to this. But nope....)
Me: I am also getting a tummy tuck... I got a buy one get one free deal... You want a free tummy tuck?
Aunt: Really? I am so in. I could use a tummy tuck!

One problem solved.

I also told my hubby about it. Now I am going to try very hard to articulate his reaction without being biased.

  • Hysterical Laughter
  • Shock
  • "How much is this going to cost us?"
  • Repeatedly saying, "you are beautiful as you are"

The last sentence could have influenced me if he had not started laughing hysterically again.


I haven't told my boys about my decision yet. But they'll find out sooner or later.

And ask me:

Mom! What happened to you? You look like you have a very bad allergy reaction!!! You look like you are really sick!!! Did a bee bite you on your lips? Did you eat peanuts? Take allergy medication and go to bed. You look really really sick!

Boys. Oye.

Wish me luck! I hope I don't end up looking like Joan Rivers!


Craig said...

Seems like that's you decided then. I can understand why, being someone who hates imperfections in myself. Just do what you want that will make you feel better about yourself! :)

But you might want to tell the kids before you get the change. :P


Scriber's Web said...

Ummm... You took it more seriously that it was intended:)This is more like sometime in the future... Maybe...
So glad that you are blogging again!

mythopolis said...

I can just hear your son's friends.."Hey check out the baby!" And your son's reply: "That's not a baby! That's our mom!" : )

Betty said...

You are brave, I'm so scared of any surgery. I'm a big chicken that way though. Good for you, this is something you decided on, I'm sure you don't need any work done. I'm sure everything will come out fine. :)
will you post a before and after pic?

Jodi said...

After hearing about Kanye West's mother I decided to just deal with what happens to me. LOL!

For you my friend, if you are happy with your decision, than I stand behind you and say good luck and just be careful! Make sure you get references of whoever does this. I know it is in the future, but still..have the person hooking you up check really good into the background of this doctor.

I hope that you are doing great! I have a nasty headache that I just took 3 Advil to get rid of. I think I'm going to go lay down for awhile. Hmmm? Maybe take a nap before hubby gets home. Yeah!

Coffee Slut said...

I'd settle for a little lipo!
Happy Weekend!

BLOGitse said...

India + pro doctor would be better than the table in that picture! :-)

But I guess massage would be much easier and the feeling afterwards great! oooh i need a massage...gotta go! :)

NicoleB said...

I want to see before and after pics and the faces of all the men in your household :)
Well, whenever you do it ;)
Or so,... :)

Where is Darran? said...

When I was in India, we are checking out the healthcare system and the nicest hospitals we visited were Max Healthcare. Plastic surgery! To each his own.

Donna said...
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