Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Day Plans

So what do you plan to do on Valentine's day? Anything exciting?

I am one of those people who think that Valentine's day is a Hallmark created event. So I don't really celebrate it. I am just cynical and jaded. But don't let me rain on your parade.

What are you up to this Saturday?

So what if you are single. Are you planning on having a fabulous meal? Cooking? Some chocolates or extra treats?

I think I am going to cook some yummy food. Maybe lobster or crab. I've always wanted to make like a 5 course dinner. So I may try that. And definitely some pink champagne. Who cares if it is nasty?

Years ago, when I was sweet and innocent, my hubby and I had a tradition of having a Valentine's day lunch. This is way back when we could hardly afford to eat outside. We had Andre's Pink Champagne (3 dollars) and a subway sandwich (6 dollars). I would pack everything in a picnic box and we would go to a park and have a little picnic.

Over the years, we stopped doing that. I started working and could not do champagne lunches. Times changed and things changed. We changed.

Over the years I decided that I no longer wanted flowers, did not eat chocolates and did not want presents for Valentine's day.

Why celebrate love one day per calendar year? Why not everyday?

This is a difficult time for my hubby. Every year he never knows what I want or expect. Wanting and expecting are two entirely different things. I may not want flowers but I may be expecting them.

See how confusing I am?

So this year, I am going to make it easy for him. I am going to cook something for us. A nice, special dinner. I don't want to go out for dinner.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can cook?

Any web sites you can recommend for recipes?

I'd love to hear from you! I need serious help!


mythopolis said...

It seems like you want to cook, and maybe want some flowers too, even if trying not to! I also think the tradition of pink champagne and a subway in the park might be an interesting one to revive...just for the fun of it and the memories! Whatever, I hope it is a happy day for the two of you!

BLOGitse said...

We don't have Valentine's day as a tradition.
We don't need a commercial day to show how we feel in our relationship...been! :-) My husband surprises me all year round - flowers, little funny things (I'll show you one next week on my blog...)

We have almost every weekend a special dinner - and we cook together...gin&tonic while cooking, wine with dinner...NICE! :-)

Have a nice time together!

Nicole said...

We are more like BLOGitse and her hubby. Hubby loves to cook and we have some drinks and a good time together.
We both don't dig Valentine's day. Hard to get any flowers here in Hungary (where we are) to begin with ;)
Nope, we both go more for the little surprises on "normal" days :)
No recipe sites here, sorry.

mrsbear said...

I'm not big on Valentine's day either. I told the kids we'd bake a Valentine's day cake and maybe take a hint from you and have a nice home cooked meal. Pink champagne and subs sounds so sweet though. Way better than battling people for a table at a crowded restaurant. You're right though, we should celebrate love every day not just when Hallmark expects us to. ;)

mythopolis said...

I know you are desperate for a recipe, so I came up with one for you... It requires one bottle of pink champagne, one subway sandwich cut into bite-size pieces, two shiskabob skewers and a bowl. Take ingredients to park...pour champagne in a bowl. Spear pieces of sandwich and dip into bowl...voila!!! I call this Pink Champagne Subway Fondue!! Yum!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

With the Hubs b-day in January and mine being this past Sunday we just can't handle another holiday. We have always just kinda looked over this one. It is right up there with "sweetish day" that's what it is called, right? Total Hallmark stock day.

Jodi said...

I definitely think you should go back and do your champagne and Subway sandwich lunch. It will be very symbolic!

We are celebrating on Sunday instead of Saturday night because hubby has off on Sunday (for once!) We are celebrating V-Day and our 13th anniversary of our first date which falls on the 17th.

Hope you are having a great day my friend!

Nicole said...

I just found a link to my Valentine's post fromlast year in Kuwait.
I thought it might give you a giggle or two ;)

Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: I'll totally do the pink champagne!

Blogitse: Every day is a Valentine's day! I love your weekend special dinner idea. You have to post photos!

Nicole: Yeah what can I say? Once upon a time I was naive and bought into the hallmark stuff:)

Mrsbear: Oh baking a cake sounds really good. Go for it!

Mytho: Your recipe sounds very intriguing. But I'll pass! LOL.

MM: Ha ha. Too much partying?

Jodi: Congrats for your anniversary! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Don't drink too many sangrias:) If you do, write a drunk post. That would be fun!

Nicole: That was very interesting. Whether or not we celebrate V day should be our choice. Not the governments:)

BLOGitse said...

hm...Let's see...I'm spending too much time with my camera already. If I take it to the kitchen too...but I'll try!

Steaks today...nami, nami! :-)

Chai_girl said...

For recipes, I always start with They usually have holiday menus featured as well.

As a joke, I'd spend all day cooking and then when you sit down to dinner have a Subway sandwich on the plate! :) Then I'd bring out the real dinner!

Scriber's Web said...

Blogitse: Yummy! Also, one can never ever spend too much time with the camera:)

Chai_girl: Thanks for the excellent tip. Love the site. LOL about your suggestion:)