Thursday, February 26, 2009

Money Rain

Yesterday, it rained dollar bills on me. Yes it did.

The weather was beautiful yesterday so I went to my back yard.

I looked up at the sky, inhaled and closed my eyes. And thanked whoever or whatever was responsible for the beautiful day.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, money bills were falling from the sky. It was raining dollars. I grabbed them all and ran inside.

I debated whether or not to tell my hubby. And decided not to. What was the point? He wouldn't believe me about dollar bills falling from the sky. And then he would ask me to put the money in the savings. Or do something practical.

So I tucked the bills at a safe and undisclosed location. Like the squirrel and an acorn.

Today, I am going shopping for shoes.

I hope I have days like this everyday. I hope everyone has days like this everyday.


Craig said...

I shall not take this post seriously in the hopes that it shall save my sanity.

Nicole said...

You need to put the bills back on the money tree, maybe he will have more bills in Spring then :)

Ballerina Girl said...

wow, I am coming to stand beneath your skies!
:) happy shoe shopping!

BLOGitse said...

oh, you happy girl!
maybe i get my suitcase and move over there...after a month or so i'd have enough cash for... :-)

mythopolis said...

Hey, Wait a minute! I only see two dollars! What did you do with the rest of it Scriber? The big bills? I know you have them somewhere. Look, we're cyber-friends, right? Do you know how many children in Pottsville go to bed every night wondering what gummi bears taste like? You could change all that, Scriber....send your generous donation to the mayor's office today!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Shoes! What kind of shoes did you buy? I would love to see them.

Midwest Mommy said...

Wait? What? Seriously? Because I am so gullible I am believing you, lol!

Scriber's Web said...

Craig: Ha ha. Sanity is good. I used to know what it was once upon a time.

Nicole: The money tree is sprouting leaves. But my kiddos come home in 3 weeks for Spring break. They love the money tree:)

BG: And I want to stand beneath your skies. Would love to visit South America some day.

Blogitse: Come on over! You can stay at my place. With the Money tree and the Money rain, we'll never have to work. Just blog and take photos all day:)

Mytho: Ha ha. I was actually found a hundred dollar bill also but it flew away. I think it is headed in your direction. Go stand outside and you will find it. You are so nice! The things you do for the kiddos of Pottsville!

txaggiechick: I'll post photos:)

MM: Of course it is for real. Come on over and check it out. We can go shoe shopping together:)

HalfCrazy said...

Agreed, if anyone would have money on their hands, no one would probably suffer so bad. :)

Much Love,

Janice said...

I would like even one day like your yesterday! Hope you got great shoes!

Jodi said...

Can you make it rain here some dollar bills? LOL! Like the Phil Collins song says - "I Wish It Would Rain Down"

I think today we might get weather in the early 50s. I hope so!!!

By the way - that photo was awesome!!!

Hope you have another beautiful day my friend!

Scriber's Web said...

Halfcrazy: Wouldn't that be nice?

Janice: Yes it is awesome when it rains dollar bills. Who couldn't use some extra cash?

Jodi: My friend I am sending the money rain clouds you way:) Have a fabulous Friday and a safe commute:)