Monday, February 23, 2009


Coloring with a digital camera.

So did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I did. At least parts of it. Then I fell asleep. Right before all the good stuff came.... I so wanted to watch Slumdog win. But the show was so so boring! I wish that they would publish a list of winners before the show. Then people can sit back, relax, and watch the song/dance routine. But it is almost like... I will tell you who won the best movie but first I must force you to watch me dance. Or sing. And then I must torture you before I tell you the next results. Ha.

About the movie Slumdog Millionaire... people often ask me if the slums are really like that. And the answer is yes. And probably even worse. Maybe someday I'll write about that...

So the plastic surgery is off for now. While watching the Oscars, I was looking at everyone's faces. How much botox does Hollywood consume? How many face lifts have they had? Do I really want to look like a plastic doll?

Don't you guys love me as I am? Granted you have no clue what I look like but surely you have perceived me as someone beautiful.

OK. This post is going in a completely different direction than I intended. So I will shut up now.

Jai ho!


mythopolis said...

Hhahahaha!!! Yes, Scriber, we love you- and as Fred Rogers would put it..."just the way you are!" : )

Jodi said...

Of course we love you as you are. I'm so glad you are postponing your plastic surgery idea. Think about it - you have plenty of time. Besides - you are too young my friend. :)

Off to the podiatrist. Fun fun. Ugh!

Ram Venkatararam said...

Love the photo.

Not to buck the trend here but plastic surgery is never a mistake. Just ask Joan Rivers and Mary Tyler Moore. THey both look so good you'd almost thing they're real!

Missed the Oscars.

Take care!

Nicole said...

I love that colourful shot!

And I have never in my Life watched the Oscar show.
I rather see them guys in the movies than parading like stuffed chicken ;)

And yes, I love you the way you are :)

BLOGitse said...

Oscars..few minutes...
Slumdog - seen it, GREAT movie. Slums - seen and they are real...sad...

We don't want any plastic Scriber -
you're perfect as you are! :-)

Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: Thanks! I may change my mind again you know:)

Jodi: Hey friend! Yes I am very young. And a blue-eyed blond Russian girl:)

Ram: Thanks! LOL. You made me change my mind again. I so want the Joan Rivers look!

Nicole: Thanks! I really love taking abstract photos.Oscars are boring. I don't know why I see them.

Blogitse: Slums are sad. I liked the movie though! Glad you think I am perfect:)

Brad said...

Wow, that's a nice photo!