Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boys are Coming!

Da boys are coming back to town!!!!! For those who don't know, my sons come home from college for summer today.

I am so excited. We'll spend many happy days together. Having fun. And lots of conversations like:

Who's cooking tonight? Me! No I said I was going to make crab cakes! But I said I was making macaroni cheese! Me! Me! Me!

And then... Who's cooking tonight. Not me! I cooked yesterday! Not me! Me neither!

Also, there is a constant competition to laundry. Everyone wants the washer and dryer. No one wants to actually do the laundry. But we do want to stake a claim on it. The washer dryer is mine. I have to do laundry today! Two days later... Can I do my laundry? Nope. I have to do mine first! I am doing it right now!

Then there are shoes everywhere! And nintendos and game gears to trip on in the middle of the night. Not to mention the complete strangers I run into in the middle of the night at my home. While I am in my PJ's.

I am looking so forward to having my house full. I miss them. I feel like I have a hole in my heart when they are not around.

And as much as we trip over each other, I have to say that in my house, if you ask the question, "Who is going to wash the dishes tonight?"

The answer will always be...

"Not me!"

All in unison.


Sumit said...

Hehe... have fun, Scriber! My mum also looks forward to having me home from college, but I haven't been able to make too many trips back. :(

mythopolis said...

Ha ha ha!!! Simply great! I hope it is a great summer for you all! : ) !

Nan Patience said...

I sometimes wonder what it will be like when my two move out someday. I also have a feeling that they may be sort of living with us longer than we might have thought...

Thank you so much for visiting and your kind remarks. I'm happy to have found you----and Dan, too!

NicoleB said...

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful time ahead again :)
Have fun!