Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Day 2 of healthy living and I have already fallen off the wagon. I am keeping a journal which I used to call "Getting healthy journal" but now is turning into something else. It is full of excuses. On day 2. But they are very creative and almost legit sounding excuses. And it is everyone else's fault that I can't accomplish what I wanted to.

Perhaps I'll fill up the book and get a nice book deal?


Anonymous said...

You know you shouldn't beat yourself up about it at all! Perhaps you should talk about your accomplishments like, "hey for 1 day I lived healthy! I wonder if I can make it 2". Here's an article that I read that helped change my perspective on healthy living and making habit changes. Hope you enjoy it! Back in Skinny Jeans

Anonymous said...

I love it! I am trying to live healthy too. I signed up for Greenlings. My refrigerator is full of fabulous green organic vegetables that my kids won't eat and I have no energy to mess with. My compost pile is very nice though. Full of unused vegetables. Rotting to perfection...making wonderful soil for my herbs which I do eat...I put them on top of pizza.

I am drinking green tea instead of coffee every afternoon. That is a big step for me. Baby steps girlfriend. Shoot for baby steps. Come have tea with me!

PS. I know this post is all about me...but I am trying to make you feel like you are not alone. Did it work?

NicoleB said...

Hehe, we can do a cowork on that one. "How getting healthy doesn't work no matter the continent you live on" ;)

mythopolis said...

My biggest meal is breakfast. I pig out. After that I keep it light.

Carol said...

I hope you have left some room for Champagne in your new "healthy living" journal. You're going to need it now that you've gotten the latest news from that impressive gallery you were trying to get into.


(Congrats, btw!)

BLOGitse said...

healthy what?! i don't know nothing about healthy life...
hahah...not true...i KNOW but what i do - two different things! :)

Scriber's Web said...

Txaggiechick: OMG! That is a great blog. I can spend hours on it. Love it! Thanks so much for giving it to me.

Webmina: It absolutely worked! Let's have some green tea together!

Nicole: Oh I did not know that. I wanted to move to Europe so I could be skinny. Guess not:)

Mythos: That's a smart thing to do. I usually skip b'fast. Not good at all.

Carol: Yeah! Of course there is room for champagne. Specially with the good news:)

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Hi, Thanks for your comments on my posts. Must point out - not all the buildings in England are as magnificent as that one!!! (Some of them only have one or two turrets and minimal carved masonry.) Re this post, I also try to live more healthily and fall short of targets on a fairly regular basis! We should form a virtual Healthy Bloggers in Progress club! And finally, when are we going to see the results of your monochrome plus one colour experimentation....? Looking forward to it.