Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birdie Takes a Bath

This is our bird and we call her Birdie. Although she loves to take a bath on her own, once a month, we give her a nice bath.

My hubby takes her to the kitchen sink, holds her and sprays her with water. He also uses a special soap which costs more than my shampoo, conditioner and hair gel all put together. And we have a special spray that we spray after the bath. Don't ask me how much that costs.

Birdie has expensive grooming habits.

Of course she hates this process. She is not in control. But when she takes a bath on her own, she just splish-splashes. It is important that all their feathers get wet and clean or else she will develop a skin infection.

After the bath, we drape her in her towel for a few minutes. She sulks and pouts. But is very calm and content.

And when she is calm and content, it makes all of us living with her happy.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Question of the week: Why is Ford sponsoring American Idol? How many jobs do you think could be saved if they did not make those awful commercials? Who buys a car because they watched a commercial on American Idol about it?

Ok. That's more than one question. But it is perplexing to me. Why? Why?


mythopolis said...

How cute!!! Poor little wet Birdie!

As to the perplexing question...I think it is because the corporate ladder is designed to continually promote their executives to their highest level of incompetence! The most recent example being the rewarding of many execs with lavish raises, bonuses, and perks, for their stupendous blunders and failures in the marketplace. So that's my take, and now I must stop before I resort to obscenely cursing the whole situation!

WV: 'multra', as in multra-millionaire corporate imbeciles! : )

Tea Knee said...

As an objective individual who in no ways works in media nor is Ford one of their clients, I would say that the reason that companies like Coke, AT&T and Ford try to grab the sponsorship of American Idol is because it is the number one show in the States. The reach and exposure that you have with this show is massive and although it will not make you jump to purchase a car or get a mobile contract, it increases your awareness for the brand. In the long-term that awareness and hopefully consideration will lead to sales inquires, brand loyalty and repeat purchase. In times like this, that is what you need to drive. xx

Betty said...

Birdie is a very spoiled bird. lol!
Our dog Fred is the same way over here. lol! Birdie is very cute though :)
I hope you have a great weekend yourself. Sorry I haven't been by much. I've been working like a mad woman. :(

NicoleB said...

That brings "bird bath" into a whole new perspective!
I wonder, are there grooming salons yet for birds?

don't ask complicated questions like that. At least not to me ;)
I tried to give indigestible things up a while ago.

Sohin said...

by being able to sponsor American Idol, ford is showing the public (since like 135% of the entire American population watches 'idol)that is has enough revenue to be able to sponsor the ridiculously expensive television show and therefore gain investor confidence and separate themselves from their failing brothers--GM and Chrysler