Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We got in!

A while back, my bloggy friend Mythos and I collaborated to create some collages. The project was called letter. I snail mailed him some photographs and he created beautiful collages. We sent the collages to a gallery in Baltimore.

Yesterday I found out that all 3 pieces got in. All 3. I almost had a heart attack. I have never ever had a photograph or artwork in a gallery. How exciting is that?

Here are the pieces in case you are interested...

Alex in Wonderland: 1

Alex in Wonderland: 2

Escape to Nowhere

Here is the blog that we created for this project and other art projects.

Today I am just going to savor this moment. The best part about this project? Both Mythos and I had a fabulous time working on this project.

Question: Have you ever thought of entring a photo or some artwork to a gallery or a competition?


Carol said...

Congrats, Scriber's! Such good news! The work is wonderful, I'm so happy for you both.

BLOGitse said...

WAU! Great! I clap my hands - can you hear? :) Congratulations!!!

mythopolis said...

Cheers! : )

Sumit said...

Yay! Obviously I'm happy for you guys, but I'm happier for myself.

I know two artistic bloggers, and you both only one each.. haha!

Sorry about that demented joke! :D


Nan Patience said...

Congratulations, that's fantastic. They're neat pieces.

Santiago Guttierez said...


NicoleB said...

Let's Party :D!!!
Congratulations to both of you :)!!

To your question: Yes I did and yes I will as soon as the money flows again I'll ask you for that webby address again ;)

mythopolis said...

It was a real pleasure working with Scriber!. Hopefully, we will do more stuff! If you haven't experimented with collaborating with blog friends, I hope you will, it is great fun! Thanks for support from others who have followed this little project! ....Mythos.....

Anonymous said...

Impressive work. I'm glad you got recognition.

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Well done to you both and congratulations! I really like the pieces. What sort of gallery is this?

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt congratulations! That's very exciting news indeed. Well done

Scriber's Web said...

Carol: Yeah! Thanks so much for mentoring me and putting up with me:)

Blogitse: Thank you! I am super excited!

Mythos: I am fresh out of Champagne. Send me some please?

Sumit: LOL. That was very funny. Keep them coming!

Nan: Thanks so much! Mythos did the hard part:)

Santiago: Thanks for visiting, commenting and congratulating! Do come again.

Nicole: Get on your broom and come on over. Mythos is sending some champagne:)

Mythos: It was fun working with you. You were excellent. I am sure I was a pain at some point:)

Strider: Thanks for visiting and commenting! I'll check out your blog this weekend.

Janice: Thanks! It is an art gallery. Kinda prestigious for me but I'll take it:)

Ram: Thanks! Thank you for all your support and for keeping me entertained and laughing:)