Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Rant

Here is a photo of a turtle I shot in Mexico a while back.

Here is a rant I have. If you are in a good mood, you might want to skip this part.

So I am super mad at myself. Why you ask?

American Idol. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Every single year, around May, I make a promise to myself never to watch it again.

It robs me of 6 months of my life. It toys with me. It tortures me. It is an annoyingly phony show. And it is all rigged. Watching it makes me want to pull my hair apart with pliers. It makes me want to pound my head on the wall. It makes me want to roll in confectionery sugar and lay around fire ants.

Surely I could find something more productive to do with my time? Stomach crunches? Learn PHP? Sleep? Find a solution to world hunger?

Yet every single year I fail miserably. I hate myself for it. How could I fall for it every single time? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I get sucked into all the hype. I even have friendly bets. My guy is Kris. Yesterday when he was declared safe, I screamed out loudly. It shook the entire house. The next earth shattering scream came when Danny Gokey was safe. I swear I can out-scream him.

I also don't pretend that I am singing when I am actually screaming. If you want to know what I am talking about, go to you tube and search for danny gokey scream. I swear it will give you a heart attack. Awful! And yet he is safe.

My voice is still hoarse this morning. What have I become? Ugh!

So next year, do me a favor. Don't let me watch this faux-show. Lock me up in the basement somewhere. With no access to TV for 6 months.

Oh and leave me a computer with internet access so I can learn PHP. I promise not to read anything about American Idol. Or watch videos on You tube. ;)


And the judges said that he got A++ for his efforts.

Maybe next year I will apply for AI? I can so scream!


mythopolis said...

pretty little turtle.....pretty little pebbles....poor little Scriber.........I broke down in tears when I saw how clearly distressed, how emotionally wrecked, how deeply disturbed, how overwrought and distraught and upset, and beserk, and filled with self-loathing you are. I just want you to know that I will be there next season to help you. I will personally hand-cuff you in the basement. Its the least I can poor baby!

Which brings me to MY rant! I only watch Dancing...because of my serious crush on Cheryl Burke..and it makes me mad...furious...when they stick her with some dodo has-been celebrity who can hardly walk no less dance! I get so scared when I see that happen, Please, oh please don't step on her feet. And if you drop her or cause her any injury whatsoever I am personally coming after you. (I love you, Cheryl, and hope you are still reading my blogs! )

Ballerina Girl said...

The turle picture is really nice...think good thoughts!

You know, when Survivor first came out, (we were still in the States), I thought it was a fun off beat show. No one formed "alliances" nor tried to purposefully oust someone...or so it seemed anyways. The next season I thought what bull. They are so fake and phone. I can't stand any reality tv shows.
I much prefer the likes of 24....nonstop action that is filled with all the impossibilities but yet the superhero comes out ok! :) yet, I am not sure how they are going to pull Jack Bauer out of this one...he was exposed to a toxic chemical and is suffering the whole season with the efects and should only have a day or two to live! AGH! good thing the show is only "24" hours


NicoleB said...

You are not expecting anything productive from me on the AI thing, no? Good :)

Lovely turtle :D

mythopolis said...

I am a big '24' fan tooo, BG! He needs the Lash to help him out, no doubt. I can't stand to watch the series as it plays out on tv, cuz then you have to wait a week to find out what happens next. Instead I buy or borrow the previous season's episodes and watch them in real 24 hours...which turns out to be less than 24 because of commercial breaks! Please say no more about Jack's poisoning, since I will watch this full throttle when it comes out on DVD in a couple of months! Watching 24 Hours in 24 hours is the way to go!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: Did you click the link to hear the scream! It is awful! I watch Dancing sometimes too. But one stupid reality show is enough for me. I bet Cheryl reads your blog all the time:)

BG: Yeah I liked the survivor 1st season. Not after that. Thanks for the compliment about the turtle:)

Nicole: You are expected to give me a cure for my madness:) Thanks about the photo. I appreciate your opinion:)

Mythos: On the next 24, Jack recovers from the poison but some crazy person kidnaps him, handcuffs him, and then locks him up in a basement:)

Carol said...

I'm addicted to Top Gear, but I have to say, this year, the kids on AI are pretty good. I mean, they can actually sing, as opposed to the fakes and plants they've had in season's past. I'm rather enjoying it this year which means that, for certain, next year will be a clunker.

NicoleB said...


Tea Knee said...

I think you got me intrigued with the whole Survivor thing. In regards to AI, what I don't understand is why they show it in London. it is AMERICAN idol!! It's not like the US airs the X Factor (Britain's version) why does England air AI!

While on the topic of airing US shows, if airing AI means that I get to see Grey's Anatomy, ER, Gossip Girl and 90210...then I will accept it.

mythopolis said...

....this is Jack Bauer...I'm still alive...talking to you through the phone embedded in my cuff link...they are trying to get the information out of me by throwing custard pies in my face...can't talk now...they are coming back with more pies.....splat! arghhh...splat....splat.....! Jack, where are you? Jack? Jack?.....splat! splat!......splat....I think they just knocked out his cuff link with a pie! Tune in next week.......................tick....tick....tick....splat!

Scriber's Web said...

Carol: I'm with you there. Go Kris Go! I so hope Gokey goes next week. Can't stand him, his karaoke voice, his screaming, and his smug smug smile. Ugh!

Tea Knee: I am sorry that I was such a bad influence on you. I should never have done that. I was an idiot. So the AI they show in England is supposedly better than US. It is the same show but has more meat to it. For example, the interviews they do with the singers is not aired here. Only you people get to see it. It is too too bad that they don't show the British version of AI in US. We are all fascinated with Susan B. and the young boy who sang crazy good. Fortunately there is You Tube so we can at least try to keep up. Keep me posted about the show!

Mythos: Ha ha. I am sure that Jack will figure out a way:)