Saturday, May 30, 2009


This week I worked on entering a gallery show and the theme was Creature Feature. This is one of the photos I submitted. I took it on my trip to Cabos San Lucas Mexico. I wish I could describe how beautiful the sea was. It was amazing! The colors can neither be described nor photographed.

So.... it is summer now. Time for vacations. Have you made your vacation plans? My plans are still up in the air. I have to attend a wedding in Atlanta in July and I was thinking about taking a few extra days off and going to a beach close to Atlanta.

Someone suggested Hilton Head. Someone else suggested Savannah. I am not very familiar with that area at all so did some research. And found out that Savannah is a gold pot for photographers. Why did I not know this?

So I think we will probably go there. Of course everything is still up in the air as of now. But I'll keep you posted!

What about you? Any vacation plans? Do tell! I love hearing about it.


Anonymous said...

You have got to visit Savannah! If you're really interested, I'd be happy to give you my recommendations for the ATL and Savannah area! It would be a good way to promote the content for my new blog that we were talking about. I think you'd love it there and have a great time. For myself, I have to decide a few things but I'm heading to Peru this summer. Should be an adventure. Have a great day!

mythopolis said...

When I saw the title of your post I was thinking that maybe today you were wishing you were a pelican, since yesterday you wanted to be a seal! I love the photo...the rocks, the water....and I love pelican....and wish I was a pelican doing a power dive into the sea! : )
I also love Savannah! You will too!

Scriber's Web said...

Txaggiechick: I would love to hear about Savannah! I won't have much time in Atlanta since I am attending a 3 day wedding there. Can you please write something about Savannah? Peru sounds so so wonderful! I hope you take the camera! Or a camera man (hint, hint: I will do it for free!)

Mythos: Ha ha. Look at those long beaks! Who wants that! Do tell me more about Savannah!

mythopolis said...

Oh, I see. You prefer the long whiskers of the seal and of course, their fabulous flippers! Go ahead then, be a seal. I will be perfectly happy as a pelican.....and don't think for a minute, that you are getting any of my fish!

W. V.........."pelybe" as in, I'd rather be a pelican!

NicoleB said...

Lovely shot! Best of Luck for these entries!

Nah,no plans for this summer. Sit back & wait :)
And hope that someone comes to visit me.
And hope that I'll be still here when they come :D!