Thursday, May 21, 2009

Never Again

Never ever again will I ever watch American Idol. Never. Period.

Those cold and brutal people toy with my fragile little heart.
They suck me into the drama and the hype.
They insult my intelligence.
They make me angry enough where I am screaming at the TV.
They make roll my eyes constantly till my eyes hurt.
They make me cry.
They really really insult my intelligence.

So don't get me wrong. I loved yesterday's show. And I had a friendly pool going where I picked Kris. So technically I won the pool. But OH. MY. GOD. So much drama!!! Such an emotional roller coaster ride.

Before I begin, I should let you know that I love both Adam and Kris. They both need to buy sun glasses because there is a bright, bright future ahead of them.

But this whole week my heart waged a fierce battle with my brain.

My brain told me this:

If show is rigged, Adam will never win. He is a very hard to manage person. He will not do well singing at Disney in front of young girls. He is uncontrollable. Kris is clearly a clean and cut person. He will do well as an American Idol winner. It has nothing to do with the fact that one is gay and the other is not. It has to do with who will fit better in the cookie cutter role that the producers of AI have created. Adam will probably refuse to sing that ghastly coronation song again. Kris will go with the flow and just do it. Also, the fact that Adam was declared the winner weeks ago does not bring much drama and hype to the show. If Adam won, people would say, "Oh we knew he was going to win all along." It would certainly not attract more people to watch the show next year. Or even vote. If Kris won on the other hand, there would be lots of drama. And hallway conversations. And lots of people would say, "I am going to watch it from the beginning next year. I am going to vote more often next year." So it is in AI's best interest for Kris to win this one.

If the show is not rigged: All Gokey votes would go to Kris. Also, the long time viewers and voters are very mad at the judges and the show for shamelessly pimpimg their favorites. In their eyes, Adam could do no wrong. He could screech and be out of tune but that did not matter. He was Adam! Impartial the judges are not. Meanwhile, Kris could sing his heart out and he could not do any right. The judges always were harsh and mean to him. They treated him very very badly. The long time viewers knew that. And they did not like it. If you don't believe me about the shameless pimping the judges did for their favorites, go to you tube and search for Gokey scream. He was another favorite and supposed to be in top 2. He screamed out a song and the judges LOVED it. It was so horrific that there are ring tones available for purchase. So anyways, a lot of people made fun of the tone deaf judges. So they gravitated towards the one contestant who was always criticized brutally.

My heart did not listen to anything my brain said. I was stressed and tense. My heart knew that no matter who won, both Adam and Kris would have successful careers. But I really wanted Kris to win. He played it very clean. He sang week after week and never let the brutal criticism of the judges phase him out. He did what he did. He sang his heart out. Without screaming. And he never got any respect.

So there you have it. My thoughts about this AI season.

Oye. I am exhausted. No more AI for me next year. Of course my friends know that I've been saying this every year for the last 6-7 years. And I get hooked right back in.

Off I go. Need to purchase some songs on itunes.


NicoleB said...

uhm, is it over now....?
I think I read something similar about 2 weeks back, no?

I should come over there and really lock you in somewhere during these shows ;)

mythopolis said...

Where do I begin with 'star maker machinery'? It has been going on awhile. Instead of sending scouts out to clubs to discover new emerging talent and signing them to record deals, it dawned on the industry to call for auditions and, on the basis of that, build a singular star. or a band. Call for boys. Call for girls. Can they hold a note? Can they dance? Pick the top four or five, give them a band name...promote the hell out of them...and rake in the dough.

This is a far cry from the garage bands clawing their way into clubs, breaking up, changing names, changing faces...that was very grassroots, somehow. From be-bop to punk, that was the way music evolved.

But now, we have arrived at homogenized stars.
American Idol is a talent mill, many profit from. But mostly even the most talented seem music cliches They can sing 'I Did It My Way' in perfect pitch, and sound like Frank Sinatra doing it his way. But it seems somehow as sterile as a cloned cow.

No wonder the talents coming up in virtually every city are choosing to go "Indie" and make, market, and distribute their soulful sounds and not be turned into baby formula by the corporate music world!

I suppose I could have blogged this on my own site, but I couldn't resist blogging on Scriber's blog. : ) Sorry for the wordiness!

Ballerina Girl said...

all this hype over this show..I am dumbfounded really.
I can not understand it, sorry...


Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: It is finally over. Thank God! Next time please kidnap me and lock me up. If you don't, I am afraid Mythos will do it. LOL.

Mythos: Excellent points. Austin has a ton of indie bands and also venues that cater only to indie bands. Come on down sometime.

BG: That's because people are totally stupid. And that includes me:)

BLOGitse said...

oh Scriber I didn't know you took AI that seriously!
Next season we'll watch on you! :)

mythopolis said...

Nicole, do you have a basement we can lock Scriber in next season? I already ordered the hand cuffs!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole and Blogitse: !!! Help! Mythos already has the handcuffs ready!

NicoleB said...

I lock you in the attic, nice and warm in summer and decently cold in winter.

BLOGitse said...

and I help Nicole! We'll bring you nice drinks while you enjoy your new way of life! :)
Scriber don't worry, Nicole and me promise to look after Mytho, he'll behave like a good boy! Right Mytho?