Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day!

To my boys:

Mothers are magical.

They can heal with their kisses.

They can clean the kid's face with their spit.

Their hugs can take away all the burdens.

They know just where to massage when a kid gets a spasm.

They know when the kid needs a shoulder massage.

They know everything. Even if the kid does not tell them.

For example, they know if one of the son has been commenting anonymously. Leaving smarty comments. They can deny but Mothers know. Also, why else would they be unhappy that I turned anon commenting off? Mothers can spot their child in pitch darkness. Also, this mother knows how to track down anon comments right down to an IP Address. And this mother knows your IP Address.

Don't mess with da mother!

Mothers also follow them on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. And they know when their kids need a new profile photo. So let's have a portrait session today. Shall we? Please please please?

Ohhhh I digress....

So Mothers are magical. And powerful. And smart. And know that the best gift to receive is time. And lots of hugs. And lots of photo sessions.

PS: Fathers are special too. But today is Mother's day and I am planning on milking it. Damn it! Me! Me! Me!


Sumit said...

Mothers sure are magical! Though the bit about being followed on facebook/twitter/orkut etc. scares me.

*looks over his shoulder and ducks into the bushes*

Scriber's Web said...

Oh yeah! They are not too happy about it and resisted for a while. But I convinced them that it was ok. So far I have been in trouble only once. I asked my son to clean his mouth with soap and water because he used bad words....

Betty said...

OMG I love this post. lol! I'm cracking up! You are so funny. I loved it!
Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!

Ballerina Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day Scriber!

mythopolis said...

: ) I especially like the part about cleaning the kids face with spit! My mom used to lick her fingers then wipe down the 'cowlick' on the top of my head! Hair that wouldn't comb down, but just kept sticking up in the air! : ) Happy Mother's Day, Scriber!

NicoleB said...

Giggle..... glad my Mom doesn't speak English and is generally too lazy to follow me around ;)
I had to force my blog feeds on her via email, so she gets at least the pics ;)

Hope you had a great Photosession and a wonderful day :)

Nan Patience said...

It's rare that I get a comment from anyone who claims to be a blood relative--or a relative by marriage even, for that matter!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the day.

Anonymous said...

I love this post!!!!!!!! It made me laugh out loud! I can smell a child's fib a mile away. When my oldest starts on Facebook, it will be a battle of computer smarts to keep myself in her network and for her to keep me in. I am so up for the challenge!