Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

My entry for Photo Friday: Wildlife.

The theme for Photo Friday is wild life this week. I debated whether to post a photo of an actual wild animal or a photo of what I did last evening. It was a tough choice. And I opted for the safe one. After all, some day, my boys may get in politics and I should not post any crazy photos on my blog.

Before you all jump to conclusions, let me just define wild life. What is wild is a subjective matter. For someone like me, it is simply going out for a late night movie with a friend. I am more of a curl up on the couch and read kinda gal. Or close all the curtains in the house, put loud music on and dance! Like John Travolta. Yep. That's me.

What makes matters even more wild is that I saw Wolverine. It was fantastic. I've never seen any of the XMEN movies so I never knew what to expect. But I had a blast.

The theater I went to was Alamo Draft House. It is a restaurant/theater. So you go in, sit down and order some food. They serve beer and wine, and everything on the menu. If you are ever in Austin, you must go see a movie there. Before the movie, they show these crazy advertisements. And crazy clips from old movies. Whoever came up with the idea of this theater is definitely a genius.

So that was my wild life yesterday.

What have you been up to lately? What was the wild thing you did recently? Do tell! I am all ears.


Tea Knee said...

Not entirely wild, but I will be spending my Friday night cooking curry for 15 people. Should be interesting...

Anonymous said...

I probably consider myself the wilder and crazier side of life. But this weekend I'm not doing too much. Going out tonight with some friends then heading home to visit my mom for mother's day. Should be an epic adventure though! You never know what trouble I'm going to get into! Have fun and happy mother's day.

Sumit said...

Nice picture, Scriber! I had a pretty wild week, and George-of-the-Jungle probably looks more human than me right now. Will write about my nature experiences on my blog. :)

mythopolis said...

I love this shot! It is why they call ducks, 'ducks'! The movie house sounds cool! Popcorn sales in theaters are an extreme scam! Ounce for ounce popcorn is more expensive than fillet mignon! Oh, I'm sorry, 'ranting' was yesterday's post. OK, about my wild weekend....Tomorrow night Cheryl Burke is coming over, and I will show her some new moves on the floor. After that, we will dance , and make small talk about what movie to go see. (We call it 'conversational dancing'...the Cha-cha is good for this) Of course, I will let her choose, just as long as Uma Thurman is in it.

NicoleB said...

Ducks don't love dogs, I NEVER get that close :)
Would love to watch Wolverine, mh, one day :)
Nothing wild here. At all.
Was listening to Nicklback today full blast, windows rolled down and driving to the next town. WILD ;)
But at least the air smelled good and spring like :)
I'll go nightnights now with the chirping of grills and the card game in Eastern German dialect from my neighbours.
Wish me sweet dreams without nightmares ;)

Nan Patience said...

Hi! Speaking of wild life, I sometimes photograph roadkill. I don't know why I'm drawn to it, but I am, and my most recent adventure concerned a chicken... I blogged about it as a special Earth Day post.

I love your photography and look forward to following your blog a bit.

Midwest Mommy said...

Great shot! I love ducks as long as they don't eat my dad's fish!

Scriber's Web said...

Tea Knee: Have fun cooking! I want the recipe:)

Txaggiechick: I live my life vicariously through you. Keep me posted of all your exciting adventures!

Sumit: Update your blog! I am waiting anxiously. I am waiting to read about your work experiences also.

Mythos: You like this shot? It doesn't look like french onion soup to you? LOL. Thanks dude! Also, if you know how to do the cha-cha, both Cheryl and Uma will be putty. Do keep us posted.

Nicole: Sweet dreams without nightmares girl! Ducks are mean. They will bite Jojo and King if they get near them.

Nan: Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Can't wait to read your blog. Taking photos of roadkills sounds interesting and a tad to brave for me. I am a wimp. What can I say:)

MM: Yep we have a duck infestation here. Your Dad's fish photos were really good.