Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was archiving stuff and found these photos of henna. And no those are not my hands.

Traditionally, at Indian weddings, the bride gets henna art done on her hands. Other women also get henna artwork done.

Indian wedding ceremonies last for days. One of the ceremony is the Mehdi or the henna ceremony. Professional henna ladies come in and all the ladies get henna. There is music and dance and always some food.

Note to family: When is the next family wedding?


postcardsfromwildwood said...

Wow! Wonderful artwork. Why don't you just get some of this done regularly on your shoulder (or biceps, Dan) instead of a permanent one? It looks so beautiful.

mythopolis said...

Amazingly intricate and beautiful. I've thought about it "Postcards...", but my biceps are so enormous it would take a lot of henna! : )

NicoleB said...

I always wanted to have this done once!

Tea Knee said...

good question, when is the next wedding?! Reckon your boys are next ;-)

Ballerina Girl said...

I find Henna to be really pretty when it is done by a professional that knows what they are doing...
I have seen some fakers here and it really doesn't look too good!

These are beautiful...hey, we have a wedding in the family next year!


adgirls said...

Looks like it may have been my daughter's hands - or not. Lovely to remember the memories of the wedding that followed.

Sumit said...

@Scriber... whenever I get married, I'll invite you over. (for the entire 'process' :P) Also, will arrange for henna artists. :)

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: I've been thinking of getting one for summer. Will keep you posted:)

Mythos: I posted a manly tattoo photo today. Perhaps you should get one?

Nicole: I could send you some but it is green paste or powder. Won't go well with the customs:)

Tea Knee: Oh no you don't! You are next! I want you to either get married or throw a big party. The family is waiting. Chop chop!

BG: Yeah always get it done from professionals. They are awesome! Too cool about a wedding in the family. Want me to come over with a henna artist?

adgirls: I have such cute photos of your daughters! I would love to post them but not sure if you want me to. I'll send you an email:)Ant wedding news from your side of the family?

Sumit: I will so be there! Now chop chop and work on finding a wife!

NicoleB said...

Thanks :) That's alright - grey hair is cool ;)