Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo Tip

For those of you who are really interested in transitioning from an amateur/hobbyist photographer to a professional one, I suggest joining a local Photography club.

You will have to pay some money but the rewards are amazing.

  • You get to hang out with some very experienced photographers who are actually interested in discussing photography with you and sharing their experiences.
  • They have some planned projects that you can participate in. And they help you pick out the best of your photos and allow you to exhibit your work with them.
  • They tell you about the latest call for entries and give you tips about shooting. They suggest the venues. And they organize shows.
  • They open doors for you. For example, I am now part of this project called "New Beginnings" at Concordia University. CU recently moved to a new location. They want a show about the new building etc and I will be one of the photographers shooting. Yeah! I would never ever had this opportunity had I not joined the group.
So go join a group. I joined the Texas Documentary Photography group.

Now I am off to find out what exactly Documentary Photography is. And what exactly is my genre? What kinds of photos do I take? I need answers for that. Can someone help? What kind of photographer am I?

For some reason I don't think telling them that I just point and shoot will be acceptable.


postcardsfromwildwood said...

You are a crazy party animal type of photographer.
Seriously though I would say that your posted work to date tends to be more creative and arty rather than documentary. I think of a lot of what you do as 'conceptual' but I may be using that term in a way that isn't how it's used in arty circles because I'm not of those circles. But that doesn't mean you can't expand into other genres, and join this group so you can have a focus for developing that type of photography too. The camera controls are the same!

mythopolis said...

It sounds cool...so keep us posted!

Nicole said...

HarHar..... whenever the day comes that I speak Hungarian....harhar ;)

Go, have fun, I know you'll share the resukts and that's Club enough for me (I still need to do the tutorial....)


(WV: impluff - yeah, sometimes I feel like that ;) )

NicoleB said...

resukts => results

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: I totally agree with you. Thanks so much for your input. Ha ha... I am not in the arty circles too. Good for us:) I am going to give this a try and will keep you posted:)

Mythos: Will do:)

Nicole: Of course I will share the results:) More like abuse you with my photo attempts:) No worries about the tutorial. Janice wrote one for me and it took me over 2 months to try it/make it work:)