Monday, June 29, 2009

Mayo & Ketchup

I was recently eating a burger and wanted some mayo and ketchup on it. So I grabbed some from the fridge and poured some on my burger.

I should have noticed the battered bottled. But I did not. And took the first bite of my burger.

And boy was it hot! hot! hot!

Turns out my son made some ultra hot barbecue sauce and poured it into an empty ketchup bottle. He also made some ultra spicy mayo and filled the empty mayo bottle with it.

Thanks guys! But can I have my regular ketchup and mayo please?


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no!

Sumit said...

Lol! You must've felt like a Chinese fire-breathing dragon. Right? :D

mythopolis said...

sounds good to me! Its not hot enough unless it brings tears as you eat it.

NicoleB said...

Is it very bad that I'm giggling?

Scriber's Web said...

MM: Yep. Be careful when your kiddos grow up! Keep them out of the kitchen!

Sumit: Yep it was hot, hot, hot. But I did learn that the best thing to do is to drink some milk. That will stop your mouth from burning!

Mythos: I had fumes coming out of my ears!

Nicole: In hind sight it is funny:) LOL.