Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo Friday: Metal

My entry for Photo Friday.


mythopolis said...

I REALLY like this! How did you get the effect? Very cool!

postcardsfromwildwood said...

I love what you've done to this! Works well in monochrome and then that filter /effect really polishes it off. (Genuinely no pun intended there, just happened!) Looks like hammered metal.

BLOGitse said...

i agree with Janice! :)

Sumit said...

Brilliant! :)

Anonymous said...


mythopolis said...

Cheers, Scriber!

NicoleB said...

Well done!

Alam said...

Nice Effect
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Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I did this in photoshop. Took an old photo, converted it into black and white and added a sponge effect to it. I think it will make a great poster:)

Janice: I am loving photoshop. Thanks so much for helping me get acclimatized to it:)

Blogitse: Thanks!

Sumit: Thank you. I am thinking about what I will make for you. It will be a fun project:)

webmina: Thanks!

Mythos: Cheers to you too!

Nicole: Thank you! Just playing around:)

Alam: Thank you!

Alida Thorpe said...

I like the black and white tones. Looks very metallic!
Good Photo Friday entry!