Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wordless Letter

A while back, Mythos and I collaborated on a project called Letter. It was for a gallery in Baltimore, Studio 2219.

I sent him some photos and he created fabulous collages out of it. All three pieces got into the show. I was way too excited about it and if you are a regular reader you know I went on and on about it.

The wonderful thing about this show is that the gallery owners decided to make a book out of all the entries. Last week I got the book. It is the most amazing collection of artwork. I was completely stumped with what I saw.

Here is one of our entries.

The best part about this project was certainly the collaboration. Both Mythos and I had a blast! The only catch about this? I had to tell Mythos my real name:)

The book is available here.


mythopolis said...

Looks great!! (Yes, I know her real name! I might be willing to sell you this information if the price is right!)

Sumit said...

Awesome work, Scriber and Mythos. :)

P.S. Lol! I read a lot of fantasy novels, and in most of them, knowing someone's true name is supposed to give you a lot of power over them. :P

NicoleB said...

That's awesome!
And it looks more than great.
Did you do the happy dance?

I already know it, Mr. Mytho :P

Stephanie said...

That is great! Congrats!

Nan Patience said...

You told Mythos your real name?? That was brave.