Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Love

Yesterday I went to a theater in Leander Texas to hang a couple of my photos for an exhibit. The theater is called Way off Broadway. They are displaying this piece and this one that Mythos and I did together. The theme is last of the red hot lovers. A play by Neil Simon.

I call this piece hot love. For some reason the red on red makes me think of turbulent relationships. And of mad crushes. That is all I have to say about that.

So I had to frame 2 pieces. And let me tell you that it is a pain in the a$$. I am simply not mechanically inclined nor have any desire to be. So I bought ready made frames with matting. I paid extra per frame to get a wire hanging thingy. All I had to do was pop the photo into the frame.

And I could not do that. I mean I ended up doing something but it took longer than what I expected and it was so not fun. And the job was mediocre at best.

Next time, I delegate this task to someone else.

Happy Monday! And do tell me about any mad crushes you've had. I will tell you this... Years ago, I stood on one foot (a yogic position) and prayed for 15 minutes. I wanted a certain boy to fall in love with me.

It did not work.

Thank God!


postcardsfromwildwood said...

I really don't feel I can talk publicly about past crushes. I feel what little dignity I do have will be irreparably shattered on Wednesday when I post an audio track of myself duetting with the cat. But I do love the photo. And the story about the yogic prayer. Well done, and congrats on yet another exhibition.

mythopolis said...

Well, there was that girl at the laundromat that I had a crush on....and I didn't even know her! Later, it seemed so ridiculous to me that I turned it into a piece of fictional writing, which was different from the reality.....but even more ridiculous! Ond, oh yes...I still have a crush on Uma Thurman! : )

mythopolis said...

Almost forgot....I had an ORANGE CRUSH was good while it lasted.

Nan Patience said...

I've had quite a few, and I hope one day to be sitting on a porch thinking about all of em, rockin, smokin, and listening to soft music, outlivin all of em, putting out the embers with some hooch.

NicoleB said...

That looks gorgeous!
I hate framing too, they always end up slightly crooked :(
In Korea it was so cheap to have frames handmade and the pic fit right into it.
Kuwait you could do it too, but they ripped you off.
Hungary, haven't seen anything and Germany frames alone already cost you a fortune :(

And yepp, the title is very fitting btw. :D

postcardsfromwildwood said...

I am prepared to own up to Hugh Grant. And Donny Osmond, circa 1972, but about whom I still have a surprisingly in-depth knowledge.
But I am only doing this because you haven't posted anything new and I need to tell you to come over to my blog immediately, where you will find a surprise. :D