Saturday, June 27, 2009


So my son went to see a concert in Austin downtown the other day. After the concert, he came back to the car and saw this. Someone had vandalized his car.

How rude!

Nothing was stolen from the car and most importantly he was safe.

But seriously. How very rude!

And what was the purpose of this? Someone trying to steal the car? I have no idea. As my son pointed out, there were more expensive cars parked out there.

My son was very crushed. But I told him to be thankful that he wasn't hurt. And the car was still there. We could get it fixed.

I wonder who goes around doing this. And what there intentions are. Do they go, "tonight I am going to go out with a baseball bat and damage some cars just for fun."

Do they not realize that bad karma will catch up with them?

I seriously feel sorry for whoever did this.

And all I can say is how very rude!


Metalchick said...

I'm just soo glad he's safe and it's only a windshield that needs replacing. I'm glad it wasn't worse!

Ballerina Girl said...

The most important is that he was not there when it happened. Could it have been an accident? Kids fooling around with a baseball or something and it ended up in the smashed window??


Midwest Mommy said...

That is rude!

postcardsfromwildwood said...

I'm sorry for your son because now he has the inconvenience and expense of sorting it out. I'm sorry for you because of it making you worry about him. But I'm also sorry for what it says about the state of the world when someone (and far too many someones actually) thinks it's OK to do this 'for laughs'. Hope he can soon get it sorted.

NicoleB said...

Some people suck :(

mythopolis said...

Looks like a deliberate hit to has to wonder why, of course. A dare? An attempt to show off how bad one can be? Spite? Misplaced hostility? Very sad.

Scriber's Web said...

Metalchick: I am glad too. Always pay for parking in downtown. Hope you are having a great time in Vegas! And remember, what happens in Vegas can haunt us rest of our lives so be good:)

BG: I doubt if it was unintentional. Windshields are super hard to break. Even with a baseball bat, it would take at least 3-4 hits before it breaks.

MM: Exactly!

Janice: Thanks! But it is more like what we will have to pay:) I am so glad that he is ok though.

Nicole: Mean people. Sadistic people. They suck!

Mythos: Yep I think it was deliberate. Maybe someone was trying to steal the car? It is interesting that it was on the passenger side of the car. Not near the drivers seat.

b said...

Rude? This brings rude to a whole new level! I loved your "bad karma" take. I do think that is so true.