Sunday, March 8, 2009

Splish Splash

Splish splash I am taking a bath.

While the cat is away, the birds get to play.

Hello my name is Birdie and I am going to post today instead of Scriber. Scriber's been partying too hard while her hubby is away and I think she has completely lost it.

But I have my serious doubts if she actually ever had it. I don't know what he sees in her. She sends him away and then acts crazy when he is not around.

The other day, she came home and was running around in the house. She had some really bad Micheal Jackson songs on and was jumping around. At first I thought she was having severe spasms. But then I realized that she was thinking that she was dancing but let me tell you ... that wasn't dancing. And who buys those tacky psychedelic speakers from target for 10 bucks? Get some bose speakers please. And quit the psychedelic stuff. The 70s are so over. Can someone please tell her that? And recommend some good music please!

Talk about the abuse! She is torturing me with her bad music and bad dance moves. Visual assault I say. Do I really have to watch that?

Her hubby comes back soon and then I think I will bite her. Hard. Serves her right.

Meanwhile, can someone please email me the phone number for reporting Pet Abuse?


NicoleB said...

Too cute :)
I guess everyone is going psycho lately in the bloggosphere ;)
I like the real old Jackson stuff, good to dance on indeed :)

Sauron said...

That's probably a first for MJ... traumatising little birds, instead of humanity...

Birdie, please tell Scriber to give you some wine, sometimes. And yeah, if you feel traumatised again, please contact me ASAP. I'll make sure you get help. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh I love that picture. Our birds use to love to go in the shower with us, lol!

mythopolis said...

That is so cute!!! Everyone has their own taste in music, I guess. But if you want to dance like a maniac, I suggest Los Campesinos, "You, Me, Dancing!" On Youtube it comes with a pretty cool animated video as well!

Jodi said...

Hi Birdie,
Just think if she amuses herself she will leave you alone. Have some seed while she does it. At least you will have entertainment.


Great picture my friend!! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Betty said...

Awww what a great pic of birdie.
Thanks for making a guest appearance. Find a room to hide out in until it all blows over. lol!

Ballerina Girl said...

I am a masked superhero with a magic wink....mythopolis is a dual personality and now your bird is posting for you?
I am worried ;)

BLOGitse said...

Hi Birdie!
Tell her to listen Yo Yo Ma, Cafe del Mar and later, when she feels more normal, she can ad some Buddha Bar dance music which is not 70's...

ps. come and tell me how she's doing!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: Nothing quiet like Billie Jean! I've always been crazy but I try to subdue that part of me when I am blogging:)

Sauron: Ooooh Good one about MJ:) That's another thing. I think Birdie is missing her wine companion:)

MM: Yeah I've heard that. But I am not showering with that biting bird:) We tend to give her a bath in our kitchen sink once a month. She hates it!

Mytho: I'll look that up tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!

Jodi: Birdie says that she is insulted that you suggest some seeds. How about some enchiladas instead? Hope you are doing well my friend?

Betty: Birdie refuses to hide. She has to be the center of attention! If anyone has to hide it is me:)

BG: I think it has to do with how the starts are aligned. We all had a crazy side and now it is all coming out. But its fun isn't it?

Blogitse: Thanks for the recommendation! I will so check these out:)