Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy July!

July has to be one of my favorite months in the year. There are birthdays galore and vacations. Every year my family tries to go to a beach for a week and just chill out. Usually we go to South Padre, rent a condo and simply hang out. Decompress.

This year is going to be different. Contrary to the rampant rumors on the internet about my trip to Atlantis, I am actually going to Atlanta to attend a wedding. So we fly to Atlanta next week and then drive down to a little island called Tybee Island. I have never been there before. We'll also take a day trip to Savannah which I've heard is a photographer's dream come true.

Needless to say, I am super excited about my trip.

The challenge though is packing. I have to take formal clothes for a 3 day wedding and then beach clothes. That is going to be very very interesting. Regardless, there will be plenty of photo ops for me.

I am not sure if we will have internet connection while I am there. But I'll schedule some posts so you don't forget me:)

I hope that you have a fabulous July. Is anyone planning any exciting trips in the near future?

We have a wedding to attend in Atlanta. And


mythopolis said...

Interesting photo...if you click to enlarge and then do left right or up down scroll repeatedly and very fast, it starts to look like fireworks!

My regards to Tybee.........

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I like the photo too. Looks like a wreath of red hot chilli peppers. Sorry about the Atlantis reference. :) I didn't realise until Dan pointed it out to me! I don't really think you're a mythological being. :D
PS Aren't you worried about the paparazzi now that you've publicised your travel plans...?

Full Measure said...

Paris!!!!!!!!! Leaving Tuesday. :) Have a great trip to the Deep South.

NicoleB said...

Happy Photo - happy July :)!
Wishing you lots of fun and lots of great Photos to come home with and entertain us!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I took this with the lensbaby lens. I kinda like the effect. Will give my regards to Tybee:)

Janice: What a lovely profile photo! You are gorgeous! Ha ha. Too funny about Atlantis. About the paparazzi, I made an "anonymous" call and them and told them that the blogging world's celebrity Scriber's web was going on a vacation. I even gave them the address to the hotels. For some strange reason they said, "Who is that? We don't care! Stop harassing us!":) I guess I am not Paris Hilton:) Thank God!

FM: OMG! I am so envious! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Nicole: Yeah! I get to spend 24 hours with my lovely camera! I promise to take tons of photos:)