Sunday, January 4, 2009

7 Random Things

I've been tagged by Stephanie from The Dish and Spoon blog.

So I have to talk about 7 random/weird things about me.

It is going to be very tough to narrow down the weird stuff to just 7. But I'll try.

  • I am currently addicted to this Australian Soap Opera called Mcleods Daughters. It is so addicting and well written. But let me warn you... Don't start watching this. While it is excellent, it is long, long, long. The rate at which I am going, I'll finish the series in 2020.
  • I love, love, love bacon. I could never ever give up bacon.
  • I also love sweetened condensed milk. I think I am the only person on this planet who will open up a can, pour it over oranges or mangoes and eat it. I may have actually eaten it straight out of a can with a spoon.
  • I am a stay-at-home kinda gal. Unless I am traveling.
  • I have very bad hair. The kind that sticks up. I want world peace and great hair.
  • I really don't like talking much about myself. Which explains why I come up with silly stuff for my blog.
  • I am so boring that just writing about myself makes me sleepy...
I am not going to tag anyone since most bloggers I know have already done this. If you are interested in doing a post about 7 random things, feel free and leave a comment here.


Nicole said...

I rarely watch TV or series, but when I get hooked, I get hooked. There's two though I still need to finish ;)

Love bacon too. It was a bit hard to be almost without it in Kuwait. But you learn to cook Turkey bacon and it's good too when you cook it right ;)

I never tried condensed milk over oranges. Interesting idea :)

Hair....don't get me started ;)

Jodi said...

You my friend are NOT boring! You are very interesting.

I LOVE bacon too.

I think I love it too much.

I hope you have a terrific day!!! We are going out tonight with my friend for dinner. Then, it is back to work tomorrow. Thank God!

Have a great night!! (hugs!)

Betty said...

You are not boring! lol!
We love bacon too, your post reminded me of this
I drive Joe nuts yelling this out when I'm making bacon. lol! :)

Betty said...

My two week vacation has come to an end.:( I work a bit of a crazy schedule. Sorry if you don't get as many comments from me as usual during the week, but I promise I will pull up your link every day to make sure you at least get a hit from me everyday. Now on the weekends I promise I will comment for sure. I don't want to lose touch with you since I have enjoyed getting to know you and all other writers on our blogroll so I will do my best to keep in touch. And thank you so very much for being a follower of Joe's blog. We appreciate you very much. :)

mythopolis said...

re the photo..I love pelicans! This one defintely looks like he is master of his own domain! Re the 7 random things, why does this seem to be the tip of the iceberg...what are you not telling us? That you dip your bacon in condensed milk? Or that you massage condensed milk into your hair? In any respect, it is ok by me...some of my best friends have these same fascinations...must be a trend of some kind.

Coffee Slut said...

I have that kind of hair too ...LOTS of it!
Happy Sunday!

Midwest Mommy said...

Bacon and condensed milk...ever have them together?

lisa Paul said...

I think your post has just confirmed that under the pixels, we on the Internet are all on one community united by love of BACON!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: Condensed milk tastes great with mangoes too. I have never tried turkey bacon although I have heard about it. But I want the real thing or nothing at all:)

Jodi: I hope you feel better soon my friend! What is not to love about bacon?

Betty: I love Joe's blog. Even though he prefers beer to wine:) Good luck with back to work stuff. I got back today and my work is going to be crazy busy!

Mytho: I prefer the pink flamingos:) Ha ha... too funny about the condensed milk in hair. Haven't tried that. But... have tried mayo in hair, egg in hair, and beer in hair. LOL.

Coffee Slut: Oh woe is us! Why can't we have decent hair?

MM: I think you just described my ideal meal:)

Lisa: Yep you are right! Everyone in the blogging world loves bacon. Maybe we should have a day dedicated to bacon and post something about our love of bacon on the same day. It will be a step up for me considering I have proclaimed my crush on the Purple Cowboy:)