Friday, January 30, 2009

Bloggy Friends

When I first started my blog, I had no idea about the friends I would make. Who makes friends on the internet? Who tells them their real names? Or gives away addresses? Or phone numbers. There are so many crazy people out there!

I was shocked when I actually had a visitor. And when I got a comment from a stranger, I almost had a heart attack.

Little by little, I got to know people. Some were shy, and some were not. Little by little, I made bloggy friends.

That anyone would ever read my ramblings is always surprising.

As I blogged, I also found some fabulous blogs. I read them daily. I genuinely care about the bloggers. If they don't publish a post when I expect them to, I worry. If they are sick, I worry. If they are happy, I am thrilled. I may not know their real name but I care about them! I think of them as my friends.

We exchange emails. We call each other. We give each other a shoulder to lean on. We make each other laugh. Or cry. We are a part of each other's life.

My every day is so much better because they are a part of my life.

So my bloggy-best-friend Jodi gave me this award. I was so amazed.

Thank you my friend! You are my bestest bloggy friend!

Another award I got is from Betty. Her hubby has a very cool blog and I am truly honored. Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my blog, reading my silly stuff and ramblings. Thank you for commenting. I love, love, love your comments.

To be honest, awards scare me. I feel overwhelmed. My zodiac sign is Cancer (crab) so I tend to retreat in my shell. And I never know who to give them out to. Either folks don't want them or have already received the same award.

Please don't give me any awards anymore. Your visiting my blog and commenting are awards enough for me.

I know that there were rules that I had to follow but this is a really long post so I'll do that another time.

Know that if you are on my blog roll, I think of you as a friend and love your blog.

Consider yourself awarded with these awards. It is your call if you want to accept them or not.

Love you my bloggy friends!


mythopolis said...

Happy Friday. Scriber...! (cyber-hug!)

Nicole said...

I know what you mean with the awards.
Don't worry, people usually understand.

And yes, it's great that we nowthesedays can make friends the cyber way :)

Hugs, dear!

Ballerina Girl said...

I find you blog quite entertaining my friend!
I like when you visit my blog too!!!
Happy weekend...Go Steelers!

Jodi said...

And we love you too my bloggy friend!!! So glad we met! You deserve the award and more!

Thank you for all the caring you have shown me! You are awesome!

Jodi said...

PS..Maybe we can catch up this weekend some time?

Betty said...

We really enjoy reading your blog and so happy to have met you. :)

Joe said you were on Twitter will go follow you now;)

Betty said...

Oh and don't worry you don't have to forward the award. I understand Joe feels the same way about them.

BLOGitse said...

you're so sweet...
Your blog is unique, funny etc.

I'm not after any awards.
Blogging shouldn't be a competition - it might come one if this award thing goes too far...

But we need visitors, comments...
slowly getting to 'know' each others more & more...

Have a super good week!

Craig | fusedreality said...

I know how you feel! It still shocks me even to this day when I have people commenting on my stuff and I'm always happy when I get a comment from you.

Have a great week!