Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Day

It is a new day today.

Our hearts are full of hope. We want to erase the mistakes of the past and move forward.

Who knew this day would come? I always thought that America would have a woman president before an African American or someone who was considered a minority.

And how proud I am that Obama is now our president? Extremely! Oh Wow!

I have friends and family all over the world. I was of tired of defending Bush and his policies. I cringed. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed.

But no more. We finally have a true leader who we can respect and look up to.

Sure Obama has inherited quiet a mess. But I have confidence that he will do the right thing. He is intelligent and has surrounded himself with some decent politicians.

There are no Cheneys on his team. The ones who give government contracts to their own companies for a little personal profit. And are always at undisclosed locations when tough questions are asked. They simply refuse to be held accountable for any of their actions.

In my mind, there is no doubt that the Bush/Cheney regime will go down in the history as the most corrupt one ever.

Obama has morals and wants what is best for this country. Not his wallet. He wants to get along with other countries and not bully them into submission.

He wants to do the right thing. For us. The citizens of the World.

Today is a new day for all of us. Let's build good relationships.

Today my heart is filled with hope.


mythopolis said...

Wonderfully well said, and while our country has a rough road ahead to straighten out the many messes the past 8 years have left us with, I have every confidence that Obama will take us down that road and we will straighten many things out....one by one. Thanks for your heart-felt sentiments. It definitely feels like a new day. Here the sky is dark and gray, but no matter, it doesn't seem as ominous as before. Hope makes the difference.

Nicole said...

Well said.
I am just afraid that many people across the Globe view him as superman who will get his wizard stick out tomorrow, do a quick whiff and all will be well.
He's only human after all....
But I know that he will get a lot of those things he promised done for real.
So, that's good enough for me as a start and that is more than I can say about most politicians I've ever seen on the stage.

Midwest Mommy said...

I am so excited for today! Even the Hubs took off work...it just feels awesome.

mythopolis said...

Between today and some unknown tomorrow we each will die, so what best to do between now and then? Its beyond hoping someone else will save us. Obama can paint a picture. It is up to us to make it come to life.

Anonymous said...

My friend your living in fairytale. Back in reality...we live in a post 9/11 world where extremism is rampant more than ever. Protecting our liberty and freedoms is priority one, in order to do that you have to take it to the enemy. Talking with your enemy (as Obama wants to do i.e Iran) only enboldens their reasurance that we can be defeated. I'm glad you "feel" better now that Obama is President, unfortunately that does nothing to combat the problems we face today. Ten years from now we will have all proved Bush right. Stop drinking the Cool-Aide man, and wake the hell up. Momma can't take care of you any more.


Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: Thanks! Same to you!

Nicole: Yeah he can't solve all the problems but maybe some?

MM: I missed the inauguration today. Will watch it on tape.

POL: You are certainly entitled to your opinions and I can respect that.

mythopolis said...

_Patrons of Liberty: Scriber is so kind to allow you your opinion. She could have deleted it easily. But I am on a shorter fuse .So, here's my ass ( . ) Kiss it. You are attitude is history, i.e, past tense. Get with the program or get out of the way.

Jodi said...

I was fortunate to watch it while it was happening today. The phones worked in my favor and were quiet.

It was very emotional and I hope only the best for him and for our country.

Hope you had a great day my friend!!

Lisa Paul said...

I'll quote Obama to Patrons of Liberty: "the ground has shifted beneath you." This is a new day when waving a big stick is not the way to deal with conflict. As the daughter of a military officer who was a decorated veteran of two wars, I heard many times his, and his fellow West Pointers' philosophy, that going to war is a last resort after all other options are truly exhausted. I guess if you are Cheney and a five time draft dodger, calling other people's children to die is the same as calling out for a pizza. If you yourself have led those children into battle and death, you understand the gravity of war.

Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: Have I thanked you lately for visiting my blog and posting comments? You never fail to make me giggle:)

Lisa: Very, very well said. I couldn't quite articulate my thoughts as well as you did.