Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simply Alex

So some random stuff today...

  • Here is a photo of Alex that I shot. I had fun shooting it even though we shot for only about 20 minutes. I am working on a project called Artist and Muse and will submit 3 photos to a gallery. Hopefully, I will at least complete the process.
  • Son2 came back from Los Angeles late Friday night. He went there for a debate tournament. And I am pleased to say that he survived his first earthquake! He called his brother at about 2:00 AM to tell him that. Then he proceeded to call all his friends about the earthquake. I found out in the morning and tried to surf the net for the news. It did not even make it to the news so it must have been a really small one. But for us Texans, it was a big freaking deal. We expect the ground we stand on to be... let's say... still? It don't shake in Texas. Why do people live in California?
  • We went out for dinner last night to a wonderful Chinese Barbecue place. The food was delicious! It is one of those authentic Chinese places in China Town in Austin. Once you go there, you can never ever eat at the Chinese buffets. Obviously I took some photos so watch this space. I have to say that some food certainly looked different to me.
  • Son2 ordered a coke and a water for drinks. Guess what he got? A glass with coke and water mixed in it. LOL. We were all laughing so hard!
  • My boys have a very close friend who they call their "white bro". They've been friend since kindergarten. He is always invited to all the vacations and football games. He came with us yesterday for dinner. I call him my "white son". The three of them are very very close. You know they are close because the first thing he will do when he sees them is punch Son2. In case you don't know, that's how guys show their affection.
  • The boys leave tomorrow for college. It's taken a while but I've learned not to turn into a weeping/sobbing hysterically mess when they leave. They come back. They do.
  • So what is going in in your world?


mythopolis said...

Simply lovely! I love the coat and the weave pattern...and of course, the person wearing it....looks like she sprained her wrist. Really nice photo, S. : )

mythopolis said... for the earthquake...glad it wasn't the big one! I lived there for awhile and experienced several small ones. Its very strange, and I think many who live there live in the present tense, since, you never know if its all gonna get wiped out the next day! Beautiful coast though!

Betty said...

Aww you are so strong, I'll be crying like crazy when Jess leaves for college. The coke and water thing was funny! lol!

This was a great shot. You have such a great eye.

nicole said...

Lovely, lovely shot :D!

Too funny with the coke/water mix :D
And now I'm hungry for Chinese, thanks.
Fat chance to find any here. I think we still have a Duck Rahmen soup somewhere ;)

Lisa Paul said...

Take it from a San Franciscan, earthquakes IS NOTHING. Our buildings are made to withstand them. I lived in Maine a long time ago, and that was scary. Tornados (in Texas), killer snow storms in the East and Midwest, Hurricanes in the South. I'll take my chances with a quake.

Ballerina Girl said...

my world?? trying to get back into some kind of normal! hahaha

BLOGitse said...

I'm back!
Great holiday in pics on my blogs...
You seem to be busy here! Good!
soon srcatching? :-)

Scriber's Web said...

Mytho: Funny thing is that she went snow boarding during holidays and no injury. Tried to use her oven and had a cooking injury:)

Betty: I cried for about an year when my older son left. But then decided to stop and focus on the positive:)

Nicole: Thanks! Yeah the coke and water thing was too funny! It was fun!

Lisa: You have a very valid point. I love California. It is simply so beautiful. I can't tell you how many times we have gone through a Tornado warning! It is very very scary.

BG: Glad to have you back! So happy to read all your posts.

Blogitse: Welcome back! Yes we need to scratch soon!

Jodi said...

First love the photo!

The Chinese food sounds interesting. I love that kind of food.

Awwww, I hope it went OK with your boys going back to college!!

Hugs my friend!!