Monday, January 19, 2009

Wine Opera: Part 11

Condesa Arrives

In the middle of the afternoon, the other Southern Sister, Condesa went to meet the Purple Cowboy.

She wore a Little Black Dress.

"You can’t love the Good Daughter! She is a Basket Case." Condesa gasped!

"She is so dumb that she doesn’t even know her A to Z."

"She is so dumb that she thinks 1+1=3."

"Go away! No one bad mouths the Good Daughter!" Yelled the Purple Cowboy.

But she didn’t. So he turned her into a Twisted Pig.

To be continued next Monday.


BLOGitse said...

sooo great...AGAIN!
I didn't see any these kind of labels in NZ, Australia...or maybe I couldn't look...and hey! this is your thing! You're the best! :-)

Have a good week!

mythopolis said...

On behalf of any of the remaining "Southern Sisters", would you please send me their addresses? I know their intentions are mis-guided, but its only because they need someone to love them. (Its the least I can do, as a good Samaritan.) : D. Thanks for the laughs, Scriber!

Scriber's Web said...

Blogitse: Thank you! No worries about the labels. So far, I think Australian wines have the craziest names. I am surprised that you did not see them in Australia but maybe they ship all the crazy wine names to all of us crazy US folks:) So glad to have you back.

Mytho: They are both on their way. Hurry up and wait by the door! LOL.

Ballerina Girl said...

oooohhhhh, Purple Cowboy has a mean streak to him!

NicoleB said...

This one really had me laughing out loud.
Twisted pig.....mmmmwwwwaaaaahhhhhaaaaa!

Jodi said...

I'm glad the Purple Cowboy stood up for her!!

I almost peed my pants on Saturday night. We finally ventured out of the house to my friend's house and you will NEVER guess what they had on the table!!! A bottle of Menage a trois (Sp?) and a bottle of Gnarly Head. You know I had to tell them all about you and your wine operas!! I was on antibiotic and didn't taste either unfortunately!

I hope you have a great day my friend. Today is my first day back to work. I didn't sleep well so I'm counting the hours to go home.

Betty said...

Can't wait to find out what happens next. lol!

Midwest Mommy said...

You are great!

Scriber's Web said...

BG: He just hates it when someone badmouths the good daughter. Condesa will return back to normal soon. You are so sweet!

Nicole: Ha ha. Can you believe the wine names? Hilarious!

Jodi: Too funny about the wine! Ha ha. Your friends must think that I am crazy. They are probably right! Good luck with the back to work and commute!

Betty: I have faith in the Purple Cowboy. I think slowly but surely he will figure out what to do!

MM: Aww! Thanks! I just wish the "greatness" lied in something more intelligent than this:) Oh well!